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Signed, sealed and soon to be eternally delivered unto God
Kirk m+ published this sponsored blog
Our temptation comes to us in two ways; basement and

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Before God saved us, we were truly BAD people
by Kirk M
Life without god; ephesians 2:3
Layer upon Layer; Glory unto Glory as we grow unto Christ
by John Knox
Levels of redemption
We who follow Christ must remember, the best is yet to come!
by K Reynolds
The best is yet to come!
We must reach the lost and dying in this world
by Hoyle Dabbs
Shredding the straight jacket
Her sins will be forgiven and I claim her as My own
by Dorothy von Lehe
Israel cries for deliverance

In the resurrection, Jesus became Christ and Lord
by Kirk M
Jesus christ the lord is risen today!
Sin is heredity; sins are acts
by John Knox
What has the death of jesus accomplished?
It's that they don't believe
by Hoyle Dabbs
It's not that they don't know

Jesus Christ died that we might live
by K Reynolds
The blood path
He became me so I could become like Him
by Hoyle Dabbs
Where were you?
Worship Him, Saints, Worship Him!
by Hoyle Dabbs
A perpetual love feast

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