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We are called to wrestle before God - The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective
Published by John Knox

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I've got the Joy, Joy down in my heart
by Nicole Karkowski
Give joy and get joy!
I will not be defeated, because God has given me the victory
by Nicole Karkowski
God has the victory!
Psalms 126, 127 and 128: a boost for beleaguered mothers!
by Sarah VM
Sometimes, it's hard to be a mummy...
Prejudice, do you surrender all
by Hoyle Dabbs
The real enemy
The love of God in manifestation is patient not condemning
by Kirk M
Loving others no matter what state they are in
Drugs may make you "high" but God's Word makes you whole
by Kirk M
Reality is based on god's word, not drugs etc.

Having the faith of a child
by Nicole Karkowski
Show and tell
Be gentle with yourself, God is!
by Nicole Karkowski
Be gentle with yourself

What makes you happy? Grateful
by Nicole Karkowski
Think on positivity
It is time to clean up our back yard of the mind
by John Knox
Our giants are an enemy within
What Is The Objective And Purpose Of War
by Les B
Spiritual warfare, trails, and faith

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