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- Reaffirm your love for one another
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A Friend Closer Than A Brother Immeasurable Worth
by Les B
The seattle street walker and accountability partners
Standing next to my bed, I couldn't lie down
by K Reynolds
You, o lord, keep me safe
I beg your patience in allowing me to share some of my heart
by Kirk M
Thoughts, musings and misc. ramblings from my heart to yours
Tying Up the Loose ends of Unfinished Details
by Barbra Lambert
Forgiveness in marriage
Fearing disagreement is not the same as living in peace
by Sarah VM
Wise man or yes-man?

God knows everything and that is why we can trust Him
by Kirk M
There is a purpose for everything under heaven
Can you describe the heart of the Gospel
by John Knox
Can you describe the heart of the gospel?
I thought everything was fine until
by K Reynolds
The tale of the onion

by John Knox
The blood of the lamb part 2
Stress happens but it does not have to destroy us
by Kirk M
How to deal with stress
Seeing is believing... or is it
by K Reynolds
But i read it on the internet!

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