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The 12 Spies and their Evaluation - The 12 believed they were evaluating the land but God was judging them
Published by John Knox+

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It's Not How We Start The Race Or Win - It Is Finishing
by Les B
Sharing in the sufferings of christ
Big or small God will them together for good!
by Nicole Karkowski
Jesus, my best friend!
What does the Bible say about old age
by Kenneth Figurelli
Moses discusses the golden years
What will you do when God cries out, "Where are you?"
by K Reynolds
Crying in the arms of god

Growing into the character of Jesus
by John Knox
Saul and david; their characters contrasted.
While your intentions may be good, you must pay attention
by K Reynolds
You have to pay attention
I long for My sheep to be safe in My pasture
by Dorothy Von Lehe
The kingdom of god awaits

How the word "perfect" is used in some translations
by Kenneth Figurelli
Perfect - a word study
Testing the spirits that call to mankind
by John Knox
The call of god to samuel 1 sam. 3

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