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Selfish and careless drivers make for dangerous commutes
by Kirk M
Please indulge me while i vent about a "secular" problem
For a long time I believed this understanding but not any lo
by John Knox
Discipleship the correct biblical understanding
Manifesting oneness through humility in the Body of Christ
by Kirk M
United in christ jesus
His Thoughts And Ways Are Higher Than The Heavens
by Les B
God believes a good apple is not spoiled by a barrel of bad
He will never leave my side
by Nicole Karkowski
Where are you?
Society says we are the same but are we
by K Reynolds
Male and female created he them

The joy and honor of presenting God's Word to His people
by Kirk M
June 10, 2006; my one and only sermon since 1986
Who is your neighbor and what does it mean to love him
by Kirk M
Love thy neighbor as thyself
I no longer call you servants - I have called you Friends
by Les B
Friends, acquaintances, and the crowd

Individually or together, worship is praising God
by Kirk M
Worshipping god in spirit and in truth
Unjust anger toward someone is a serious sin
by Kenneth Figurelli
Anger without a cause
The first step in trusting God implicitly
by Kirk M
Giving everything to the lord

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