Need an interpretation about a dream I had to pray over. - Need an interpretation about a dream I had to pray over. - Published by Brendan Chad Parker

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A1C blood test 5.9. Praise the Lord!
by Dorothy Von Lehe
Overcoming an affliction
Learning to let go and let God guide and direct our paths
by Kirk M
Trusting in the will of god
The first step to grow is to.
by Deepa N
Hold on the blessings god has given us..
He always answers when I call!
by Nicole Karkowski
A good relationship
Beware of that which looks good
by Kirk M
The counterfeit of hypocrisy
The shield of faith may mean more than we think
by Kirk M
The shield of faith

The calendar says spring but when I look out the window
by K Reynolds
But i can't see it!
Learn to live life from the calm stillness of the depths
by Barbara Kankowske
Don't take the bait

Never leave anything incomplete or open.
by Deepa N
Live a complete life everyday..
by John Knox
Healing and naaman s folly
Path might seem difficult but the destiny is promising.
by Deepa N
Keep your eyes set of the destination not the path..

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