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Only trust that which has been found trustworthy (worthy of our trust)
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What does our life say to all around?
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Peter's exhortation of the virtues to add to our faith
by Barbra Lambert
Virtues that add fruitfulness to our faith
The journey from slavery to the promised rest
by John Knox
The disciple s growth unto holiness
But the greatest of these is love
by K Reynolds
Until death do us part
Do we simply endure or submit with love and meekness
by K Reynolds
Enduring with love, submission and meekness
Does Our Life Back Our Words As Nearly As Possible
by Les B
Walk the talk judgment begins with the house of god
By nature, man is evil but God changed all that in Christ
by Kirk M
God's wrath; past, present and future

An unexpected attack will take the lives of many people .
by Dorothy von Lehe
Prepare for attacks on america
If anyone wills to do His will . .
by Hoyle Dabbs
God has not called him to ministry
All of a sudden, I was directly in a curve of the road!
by Dorothy von Lehe
God's miracles of intervention

Believers exist in two places during the same moment in time
by Barbara Kankowske
Mastering spiritual geography
It has been my honor to write 1999 blogs, here is 2000
by Kirk M
My 2000th blog
O God raise up in our midst Teachers after your heart
by John Knox
The call of god to teach.

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