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Jesus told his followers to go, not wait for men to come.
In the future God will create a new heaven and a new earth: why?
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ChristianBlog.Com is a place where you can be blessed and bless others!
Have you found your place in the sufficiency of grace
by K Reynolds
In the sufficiency of grace
The Holy Spirit of promise guarantees our eternal destiny
by Kirk M
Sealed with the earnest of our spiritual inheritance
Vanity, it's all vanity. Pride comes before a fall
by Hoyle Dabbs
Heated christian doctrinal debates
Jesus crucified on Passover, resurrected on First Fruits
by Dorothy von Lehe
Jesus the passover lamb
Both Israel and the Church have a glorious inheritance
by Kirk M
The future inheritance for both israel and the church

I peer cautiously down the path. What lies ahead
by K Reynolds
The unknown path
Our witness of Christ is weakened when we do not forgive
by Hoyle Dabbs
Forgiveness, human and divine
The riches of the glory of our inheritance in Christ
by Kirk M
Heirs of god and joint-heirs with christ

Surrounded by darkness, I suddenly saw
by K Reynolds
Darkness into light
"My saints will see My face and recognize Me as their Lord."
by Dorothy von Lehe
Jesus is calling us home
We have been heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ
by Kirk M
An introduction to our inheritance in christ

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