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Do we really need "things" to be happy? - Our fellowship with God is not dependent on how much "stuff" we have - Published by Kirk M+

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Our fellowship with God is not dependent on "things"
by Kirk M
Do we really need "things" to be happy?
In Your Presence Is Fullness Of Joy
by Les B
God s love and encouragement for you
Thank you Lord Jesus for your great goodness!
by Dorothy Von Lehe
Birthday thanks and reflection
A few of my struggles and how God has helped me through them
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From my heart 2 yours
We Only Speak And Do As Christ Commands
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The Person Of Jesus Christ Is Joy!
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The joy of the lord is our strength

by John Knox
The forgotten christian reality
Your Name Is Engraved On My Hands
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The might of god s love
It seemed like God had abandoned us and yet
by K Reynolds
We are not forsaken

by John Knox
A blunt royal truth about love
What is meant by the phrase "in the name of Jesus"
by Kenneth Figurelli
In the name of jesus
We all have something to give no matter how bad things are
by Kirk M
The joy in living is found in the heart of giving

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