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The Call of God to Teach. - O God raise up in our midst teachers after your heart
Published by John Knox+

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There was "nothingness" and then
by K Reynolds
The breath of god
The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective
by John Knox
We are called to wrestle before god
Facing Death - Two Give Their Lives With Gratefulness
by Les B
All have their hour of darkness - will we allow him to see us through?
God protects us from much of the suffering that exists
by Kenneth Figurelli
Are you blessed?
Call out the Name Jesus when trouble approaches
by Dorothy Von Lehe
Great evil to be unleashed

While others fought to win the prize
by Barbra Lambert
Am i a soldier of the cross?
Jesus came so that we could be forgiven!
by Nicole Karkowski
Forgiveness is precious
Count The Cost Before Building The Tower
by Les B
Whoever does not carry his own cross cannot be my disciple

Are we withholding the blessings of God
by K Reynolds
That the lord your god may bless you
Marriage the very first covenant instituted by God
by Dorothy Von Lehe
Marriage vows - until death do us part!
How to win our spiritual battles
by John Knox
God, who always leads us in triumph in christ

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