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Patti Smith & The Vatican's Annual Christmas Concert. Grace Extended or Something More? - The real lesson to be gleaned from the patti smith issue!
Published by John B. Abela+

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I thought everything was fine until
by K Reynolds
The tale of the onion
by John Knox
The blood of the lamb part 2
Stress happens but it does not have to destroy us
by Kirk M
How to deal with stress
Seeing is believing... or is it
by K Reynolds
But i read it on the internet!
Where there is suffering God brings hope
by Nicole Karkowski
I have hope!
Our eternal salvation rests in the resurrection of Christ
by Kirk M
Why is the resurrection of christ important?

Positive thinking is noteworthy, but there is a higher way!
by Barbara Kankowske
Mind over matter
God always provides an escape from temptation
by Kirk M
God is faithful to always make a way out

The cross defeated Satan, but did not destroy him
by John Knox
The blood of the lamb
We don't always know what they are going through
by Nicole Karkowski
The other person
Love is the only good motivation to do anything in this life
by Kirk M
Only love can cover a multitude of sins

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