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Taming arrogance with humility
by Kirk M
Learning humility through sacrifice
I wanted to get out of the boat but
by K Reynolds
But i can see you...
Turning our eyes upon Jesus
by Kirk M
Looking full in the face of our savior
Do What You Know And Are Trained To Do
by Les B
If you cannot see or hear what do you do?
She had no place to call her own and yet
by K Reynolds
God cares for you
Time marches on despite our best efforts to stop it
by Kirk M
The sands of life

The day God ambushed the enemy before he could ambush me
by Kirk M
Remembering six months ago today
by John Knox
Our kingship with christ
Selfish and careless drivers make for dangerous commutes
by Kirk M
Please indulge me while i vent about a "secular" problem

For a long time I believed this understanding but not any lo
by John Knox
Discipleship the correct biblical understanding
Manifesting oneness through humility in the Body of Christ
by Kirk M
United in christ jesus
His Thoughts And Ways Are Higher Than The Heavens
by Les B
God believes a good apple is not spoiled by a barrel of bad

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