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The true meaning of the season - Merry Christ in you the hope of glory and happy new life!
Published by Kirk M+

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by John Knox
The faith dilemma that can haunt us.
It is easy to forget who we are except by the grace of God
by K Reynolds
But for the grace of god
We have peace with the God of peace through all Christ did
by Kirk M
Jesus christ; our prince of peace
Sometimes it seems like we're a hamster in a wheel
by K Reynolds
Round and round and round and round and...
The joy, peace and thanksgiving experienced by the shepherds
by Kirk M
Oh to have been a shepherd the night christ was born
When He ascended on high He gave gifts unto men
by Hoyle Dabbs
Furthermore, god has given gifts unto men

Merry Christ in you the hope of glory and Happy new life!
by Kirk M
The true meaning of the season
That was the true Light, which lighteth every man. .
by Hoyle Dabbs
The true meaning of christmas - a yule time message
Your Love, Care, And Kindess In Christ Amazes Me!
by Les B
Thank you for being my true family so loving and patient

Christians must strive to control their anger
by Kenneth Figurelli
Slow to anger
Avoiding burn out in our Christian service
by Kirk M
Be not weary in well doing
Just when they think your going to lay down
by Nicole Karkowski
There is strength

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