...salt's not good for my blood pressure.

We all know people who revel in being miserable and love to spread misery to others. Something's always in the way of their experiencing joy. It rubs off on others. I don't much enjoy misery and strive to spread joy instead. Here's a little secret... if you're genuine, it works! I'm often asked how I stay so positive. A typical response is: "I'm just following instructions. I talk to this Fellow every morning and He tells me to have a good day. Not a nice day, but a good day." For those who don't know me, this often gets a "yeah, yeah, yeah" look. "There was a woman who did not listen to His instructions," I continue. "She turned into a pillar of salt. Salt is NOT GOOD for my blood pressure." Very gratifying to me, most already know the story of Lot's wife. They get the message and generally leave smiling. Sometimes, they even leave a bit of their misery behind. Shalom, Art :reading: Alive in The Word

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Wow, it kinda looks like it is riding a dragon.. :eek: ..(done culled up though ain't it), and she is taller than I imagined. ..

So, how are ya' Art? Yes, most revel in something that is gonna hurt somebody, somehow, and in some way. And, that concern they so do not feel, they only want to get away so they can go gossip about it, and make it an even bigger concern.

In the woods out here, one says 'Hows the world treating you? Answer, oh all right, but the people in it are not treating me so well.

And like the old country song says, 'Don't call him a cowboy, until you've seen him ride.'^^'

(Some of them cowboys revel in lying too.) Can't ride, can't rope, but dress the part well, them looks count, it is about all that do with some of them cowboys.

(And wasn't that Lots family one messed up bunch?) Geeze, No wonder he sat at that gate so much.

God Bless Brother. Good to read from you again. How are the grandchildren?

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