Palin: Reminded She's A Failure... Over and Over and Over Again

        Palin: Reminded She's A Failure... Over and Over and Over Again [img] Governor Palin is in demand. Every newshound, every TV talking head, every news entertainer in the country is after her. She is being pursued for TV shows, book deals, movie roles, hounded by photographers and every hanger on in both Hollywood and the news entertainment industry. But the Associated Press wants to be sure you understand one thing: she is a FAILURE! That's right, in discussing Palin's current celebrity, the main concern AP has is to make sure you know she is a big ol' loser. The AP is so intent to remind you she lost that it has to tell you she lost over and over again. You know, just in case you were unaware she and McCain didn't win the election.

Running for office and failing must be a huge rush only to end in an even larger sinking feeling when you loose. Without a doubt both Sarah and John would like to have come out on top. It was their intention to win. At no time was it their goal to just go along for the ride and not be concerned for a win or a loss. With ever effort possible and against all adversity, they ran the race they felt would get them to the winner's circle. But it was not to be, they lost. But it was the race they lost, not who they were. Maybe that is the struggle some had with Sarah's loss. She lost a race but never lost site of who she was and what she had already accomplished, nor where her vision beyond a loss would continue. She stands strong in who she is and continues on with the same fight she has always had. A loss of a race and not a loss of who she is.

Have you stood strong and fought tooth and nail in a race and lost. Maybe the soul of a family member, maybe a job lost, maybe a home lost, maybe a teen gone astray. Yes, each one is it's own battle, it's own fight, and it's own loss. But don't be beaten. Know who you are in Christ and stand strong and continue on in running for the prize. Each struggle may be won or lost, but who we are in Christ never changes and the goal to bring Glory to God stays the same day in and day out. Satan will tell you again and again and again that it's over and you are defeated, but it's not, you are not. That struggle may be over, but you are never a loss, never, never, never ever.


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