The Brook Dried Up

In 1 Kings 17, the Bible says that the Prophet Elijah tells King Ahab:

As surely as the Lord, the God of Israel, lives - the God I serve - there will be no dew or rain during the next few years until I give the word!

1 Kings 17:1 (NLT)

Then God tells Elijah to go hide by the brook Cherith. In that wild and hidden place, Elijah would have a water supply and God would send meat and bread via ravens in the morning and evening. In this manner, Elijah was sustained during the time of drought and famine. However, there came a day when the brook dried up.

Now I want you to notice something here. God did not prevent the brook from drying up. He certainly could have done so for He is God. He could have created or opened up an underground spring that bubbled up and fed the brook so that Elijah could have sat by the brook throughout the duration of the drought. He could have done that but He didn't. He allowed the brook to dry up. It was time for Elijah to leave the brook.

In the beginning things did not look too promising. God tells Elijah to go to Zarephath, a Phoenician city located on the coast of the modern country of Lebannon. The widow is not the widow of a wealthy man who in turn has wealthy sons. Instead, she is the poorest of the poor. When Elijah meets her, she is gathering sticks so she can make the last meal for herself and for her son before they die. This was the woman of whom God had said:

I have instructed a widow there to feed you.

1 King 17:9 (NLT)

This woman only had a bit of flour and oil. It wasn't nearly enough to feed two people let alone three. The "brook" had dried up.

At Cherith, Elijah experienced God's provision for him in an amazing manner. At Zarephath, however, he experienced something far greater. He saw God not only provide for him but for others.

There was always enough flour and olive oil left in the containers, just as the Lord had promised through Elijah.

1 Kings 17:16 (NLT)

Can you imagine what the neighbors must have thought when they saw, not Baal but the God of Israel always providing enough flour and oil for this woman and her household?

Perhaps as you are reading this, you feel as if your "brook" is running dry or perhaps it has run dry altogether. Quite frankly, I am feeling like that myself. More than a year of unemployment has drained our household resources. God has miraculously "fed" us time and time sustaining us more than we could have ever imagined possible and yet this morning the "brook" is but a tiny trickle. The brook is drying up.

That's when God reminded me of Elijah sitting by the brook Cherith. My brook, your brook, may be drying up but that does not mean that we will die there. It merely means it is time to move to a new place where God will provide using different means and we will not only see God do amazing things for us, we will see God do them for others as well.

It's time to leave brook Cherith.


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Faith . . . Faith . . . Faith . . . God has given us the key to kingdom providence. This key is our faith. Thank you sister for all you do in encouraging others who are in [b][u]need[/u][/b] of "[b]anything[/b]", . . . Faith . . . Faith . . . Faith!

Blessings ~Hoyle

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Trust God; believe Gods word; remain steadfast in your commitment to God, for God is in control and he cares for us. This we have to believe no matter the circumstances. We must hang in and not waver, with no doubts.
This is walking by faith.

Thanks for a brilliant message.


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