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The Purpose Driven Life

Hey everyone! Eric and I were talking and thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion blog while we read The Purpose Driven Life (PDL). The purpose of this is to blog what we are learning and open up for discussion. It's always nice to be able to talk with other people about what you are reading; everyone has different interpretations which will help see things from different perspectives. So, feel free to discuss whatever! We just have to make sure we abide by the rules of this site: no posting personal information (e.i. phone number, email, etc.), using profanity or negativity, etc. We look forward to doing this study with you guys!

I read the first two entries (from my journal, I couldn't find the book so we need to go get one) but the first entry was about life not being about us. Here are some questions to ponder from chapter 1:

1) Have you ever wondered about, or felt confused about, the purpose of your life?

2) What ways have you tried to discover your life's purpose that haven't worked?

3) Why do you think people try to discover their life's purpose without turning to God, their creator?


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Ashley Veale(@purposeoflife)

  I read the first chapter and I am just writing this to test how to add a comment.

Eric Granby(@granbone)

  one two three four five six seven eight nine ten

Eric Granby(@granbone)

  I am excited about this blog. Never did one before. I think our intent of this blog is to create a network of people both christian and non christians to read and discuss the Purpose driven life book. I know that this will be a great tool. Dont fell obligated to write something. You can just read it and use it as you may. 1) Have you ever wondered about, or felt confused about, the purpose of your life? Often ponder. Not really confused. I get frustrated at times because i think i got it and then I dont. lose focus when I dont stay in the word. 2) What ways have you tried to discover your life's purpose that haven't worked? Selfhelp. 3) Why do you think people try to discover their life's purpose without turning to God, their creator? I cant really speak for anybody but myself. I have tried for years with out God because I have been angry, misguided, and stubborn. I have always known that God was there but for some reason i denied him. I never accepted him completely. It was a Lukewarm feeling. Using God for my life, instead of living for God. Angry because I tried to understand everything. And when I didnt get the answer I was LOOKING for I turned the other way.

Eric Granby(@granbone)

  Day #1 P2P It's not about me Verse to Remember (V2R) " Everything got started in him and finds its purpose in Him" Col 1:16b Question to Consider (Q2C) Inspite of all the adversity around me, how can I remind myself that life is really about living for God not myself?

Eric Granby(@granbone)

  Question to Consider (Q2C) Inspite of all the adversity around me, how can I remind myself that life is really about living for God not myself? This is a big challenge. Especially for me. What I doing currently is: Daily Prayer, fellowship (surrounding myself around other christians-hense the blog), Read and meditate on the word day and night, READ READ READ...Reading to me is the most important thing for me right now. Yes prayer is as well but reading really helps me. I have even started to read outloud, kind of like I was reading to a group. It seems to be helping a lot, especially when I am felling down. I may not be so inclined to read aloud while in public or in a quite area. But it really does work in the privacy of my home. Awesome! any insight or other ideals are gladly recieved.

Author: Ashley Veale
  What helps me to remind myself that life is about living for God and not myself is looking at my life and realizing that all the times that I am living for myself I am a mess: always in a bad mood, short tempered, unhappy, etc. I think that I can handle things my way but it never works that way. Alternatively, when God is apart of my everyday life I tend to be the opposite of what I described before. Also, my relationships are more meaningful because there is a purpose for them because when I am thinking about God, I in turn think about how I can influence someone else for Christ. Although this is a simple thing it is enlightening for me because I understand that we are made for God and when we are not living for him we are not living right.

Nitin Khaire(@godlover7)

  It's amazing that I should come across your blog on PDL because at the beggining of this year I decided to read the book by Rick Warren for 40days and get a fresh vision for my life from God. I have read this book twice before but I keep coming back to it. I was confused about my purpose in life many years ago but now it is clear. I think many people are so engrossed in the things of the world that they don't give any thought to God. Which is sad. But we need to pray for them that they will turn to the living God so that they may find their purpose in life. God bless you.

Author: Eric Granby
  Thanks for stopping by. It is very reassuring to see that many people are and have read PDL. A fresh vision indeed. It has changed my life, and It continues to do so everytime I read it. Thats why I encourage my friends and family to read it with me. I encourage anybody that asks about a good book. Some do and some don't take my encouragement but its always available. Thats why my sister and I wanted to create this blog. I want to learn as much as I can about Gods glory and praise him always. I wish this upon all. Consider this blog an opportunity, a welcomed place for all that seek a purpose in life.

Chris Veale(@physicsguy)

  Here's my thought from chapter one. I completely agree with finding purpose only in God. It is such a ridiculous idea to think we are smart enough to discover the purpose of life, when we had nothing to do with us getting here in the first place (whether you believe in a Creator or not). If you think we came from monkey's, then who cares about peace, world hunger, or even death, we are all just a bunch of random atoms stuck together and life and happiness means nothing. If you think someone or something created us, then we can start thinking everything happens for a reason. Granbone, I think you are right on about reading. Our eyes are such a powerful part of our body. It only makes since that our mind will think about those things we see with our eyes. If we are reading about Christ, then we will train our minds to think in that way. When I am in the Word constantly, I find my relationships, attitude, and everything else changes and has meaning. Those periods of drought when I am not in the Word or focusing on God, I find myself just going through the motions of life. That right there, for me, is enough evidence proving there is a purpose in life, and it can be found in Christ.

Eric Granby(@granbone)

  Thanks for the follow up physicsguy it is so true. My whole world is and has been transformed when I am in the word. I never realized how powerful it is. What a gift to have eyes that read. This gift enables me to continue to learn about gods love and move forward with his grace. Wow! I am truely amazed. Keep on Reading, it keeps you focused on what is important. Gods Glory.

Eric Granby(@granbone)

  Chap 2 I am not an accident! I know this for sure. There has been so many times that I didnt think I was going to make it out alive. But here I am. To answer the question "what areas of my personaility, backround, and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?" I would honestly have to say, I have held on to the pain of my childhood for so long it made me angry and I would turn my back on god. What I have learned and still am learning is that I am here for Gods glory. My past must be let go and I must remember that i am stronger now than I would have been if i never experinced any hardships. I must remember I am here for a reason, I do have a purpose! Read the word!

Chris Veale(@physicsguy)

  Chapter 2 was a good chapter. Chapter 1 spoke about how it's all about God. Chapter 2 follows by now saying even though it's all about God, He still chose to create us. This is really encouraging to know, as the most powerful almighty God decided to create us, for the purpose of loving us and showing His Glory (and hopefully us loving Him as well). I was just thinking how the world would be different if everyone knew this truth: We have a purpose in life, and that is so we can have a personal relationship with God and give Him the Glory He really deserves. What I really learned from this week is that I need to tell others about Christ. I really already know I should be telling others, but I need to do that more. My job is for the purpose of being able to tell people about Christ. I can't be selfish and keep what I know about God to myself. The only reason I know of Christ in the first place is because people told me about Him. I want to be a part of someone else realizing God's love. Telling others about Him: that's really the only reason we remained on this earth after accepting Him. Just like Paul said in the Bible: I want to go to Heaven to be with Christ, but for everyone else's sake, I need to stay. I'm so pumped that we have such an awesome and loving God and that He would choose to love us.

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