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Am I sharing in the sufferings of Christ or just suffering?
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Sometimes a cup of coffee can have more importance than its cost!
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Meetings with Larry Taylor

We have a Southern Baptist preacher from Fort Worth, Texas, USA, called Larry Taylor in our church at the moment. THe ministry from this bloke and his wife Carol has been fantastic. We have seen a great move of the Spirit and I am personally very encouraged.

He has been in Australia for a couple of months and has done meetings all over the place plus a conference in South Australia with Heidi Baker. We as a church are very blessed to have him and the Lord is doing great things among our people.

He has a web site at where you can see what sort of ministry he has and I encourage anyone if they have the ability to go to any of his meetings, or have him come to their fellowship to do so. His demeanour is very humble: we like that a lot in Australia.

I have personally been very touched by his ministry, and I recommend him heartily to all my brothers and sisters on this site. I don't usually do this sort of thing but feel prompted by the Lord to share it with all my friends here: I certainly am sharing it with my other friends in 'the real world' :-)

Larry and Carol are good people, the Lord is using them mightily and I expect to hear great things of what the Lord is doing through them in the future.

Blessings - Ronau.

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