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The word of God on kirk and beth not returning void
Les B+ published this sponsored blog
There is no middle ground, we must make the choice, faith or fear!


O' God, I come to You in both humble faith and in prayer;
I come, and I lay before Your feet, my every burden and care.
Hear my gracious God, my cry to You. Hear me, as I pray.
Save me, and strengthen me. Please, always abide with me each day.

You O' God, are my rock. You are my shelter and my mighty fortress;
My comfort in times of sorrow. My peace in times of pain and distress.
O' my God, I trust in You! On Your divine promises, I shall firmly stand;
I belong to You. I am safe and secure in the palm of Your mighty hand.

Be my protection from the assaults and attacks from the devil and from sin;
And when my spirit grows weary, through Your Word and Spirit, revive me again.
O' my God, I trust in You! I call daily upon Your blessed holy name;
Let not my faith and trust in You be put to shame.

Praise the Lord! I will trust in You to keep me strong;
Guide me, O' Lord, and keep me from sin and all wrong.
O' my God, I trust in You! Keep me and hold me in Your tender love;
And when this journey is over, guide me safely to my home above.


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