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A Mother's Day Tribute--Jesus sets an example of love for His mother


The Lord set an example of His love for His earthly mother

It is Mother's Day this weekend .I want to share one revelation which shows that our Lord Jesus loved His earthly mother when he was on earth, and He is our best example of a son's love towards his mother.

Here in Singapore, it has become a common trend for some children to place their parents in old folk's home. The old folk's home here are not the same as those abroad, which are well planned, well equipped and with good environment. Not here! Those here are not conducive at all , some of them so filthy , so hot , so cramped. I have seen a few of them and it was shockingly apathetic.

Yet some children would desert their parents after placing them at these folk's homes and then disappeared , refusing to pay their bills. So much so that the Government has to implement a law to protect the parents . Children have to take care of them or the law will be enforced.

I Timothy 5: 4 says "put their religion in practice by caring for their own family and so repaying their parents and grandparents, for this is pleasing to God."‚‚¬

Whilst many Christians care and look after their parents, there are some who believe that doing God's work is of utmost importance and they would overlook caring for their parents. Maybe they thought that it was wrong to put their parents before God's work .Hence they must serve God first and let other children or even other relatives take care of their parents.

I struggled in the past with this kind of conflicting interpretations of the Christian practices. Luke 14 : 26 says " If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters-- yes, even his own life-- he cannot be my disciple."

Is that why some Christians ignore taking care of their elderly parents? I was puzzled over this for a long time. Does God want us to stop taking care of our parents? Are we to follow this verse so strictly that we would stop to be their caregivers ?.

I love my mum very much. She is the reason why I came back to the Lord. It is because of her baptism that brought me back to the church after 3 years of leaving the Lord, and eventually I returned to Jesus . My mum is instrumental to what I am today.

She is my prayer partner , we would spent time praying about many prayer items . I would pray in English and she is Hokkien , a Chinese dialect. And we saw many prayers answered in the past. She was there for me in many crisis of my life, my support, my strength.

It has been many years since. Now she is 86. Last year, she was admitted to the hospital 6 times within a year, once even for one long month. It caused so much stress to my family and , needless to say, also having to deal with the financial burden. Though I could not help out much, my other brothers and sisters who are wealthier helped out , as the hospital bills were very hefty .

When she was in the hospital last year, I agonised over her health. Is her day near? Is she going home to the Lord? I love my mum very much, she is more than a mum to me, she is my friend, someone I share my life with, I tell her my secrets too, she is also a very supportive mum, I just love her so much.

So when she was at the hospital , I cried to God. I asked him, "Please extend her life, I need her very much. I can't bear to let her go. Lord, I don't think you would understand about my love for my mum. Your time with your earthly mum was so short , you may not love her as much as I love my mum."‚‚¬

I am sorry , but I questioned Jesus about His love for His own earthly mother.

After a few days, the Lord gave me a surprise. He led me to John 19: 21.

John 19 : 25 to 27 Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clepoas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, "Dear woman, here is your son, and to the disciple,"Here is your mother." From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.

Let me explain the scenario of this scene. Imagine you were the person who was going to die ahead of your mother and you loved your mother very much and you could not bear to leave her behind. Yet you had to leave this earth because of something more important you had to do. So what was the next best thing for you to do? You would entrust her to some one that you trusted most or someone closest to you. You would want to entrust her to someone you trusted and whom you knew would take care of your mother after you had left this world.

This was actually what the Lord did at the cross. Before His last breath, He did the last thing that He knew He had to do, He entrusted His earthly mother to His most trusted disciple and most loved disciple, John .

He did not entrusted his mother to just anybody or even an old folk's home or anyone else?. He entrusted her to someone whom He knew that He could depend on and whom He trusted and loved very much. He chose the best person to take care of His mother !.

The Lord was so patient and so kind to reveal this to me, that even the cross when he was dying and breathing His last breath, he cared tremendously for the future well being of His earthly mother. As He had to leave ahead of her to return to the Heavenly Father, Jesus did the next best thing any good loving son would do, that is to entrust her to someone He trusted and whom He loved most.

After this wonderful and enlightening revelation, I felt so comforted that our Lord loved His earthly mother and therefore He would understand my love for my mum. Because of this revelation, I also knew that God wanted us to love our parents and to take good care of them and also to provide for them to the best of our abilities, even to their old age.

My friends here at CB and all Christians, It will be Mother's and Father's Day soon. Go and honour them, go and love them . Our Lord Jesus Himself has loved His too. He had set us an example for us to follow , the Lord loved His mother as in John 19. May He be our eternal Example and our Guide always.

One last point, please read these verse:

Exodus 20 : 12 -Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

Ephesians 6: 1-3 --Children ,obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. "Honor your father and mother" which is the first commandment with a promise that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.

May we honour our father and our mother whilst they are still alive. AMEN

From Hwa Silverpen

Posted: May 06 2010 03:21:57am by Tan Yeowhwa+
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About Tan:

Tan Yeowhwa is saved by the Lord from major pagan Eastern religions of her youth. Now Jesus is her Heritage and her First Love. You can find out more about Tan at her profile page.

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Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 06 2010 04:49:16am
  Same to you, lovemercy. It is so important to love our parents, I found it hard to believe some would mistreat them. Parents' love is a representation of God's love.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Blessings always

From HwaSilverpen

Ted Foy (@following)
May 06 2010 05:09:16am
  Wonderful message silverpen, Amen and Amen. Thanks for sharing. Blessings,:) Ted

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 06 2010 05:18:58am
  Brother Ted, we are so fortunate to have parents with us, there are some who do not have. Lord, bless those who have no parents with them. Thanks for reading and for your encouragements.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Billy Beard+ (@billyb)
May 06 2010 05:19:53am
  Really good message, silverpen. Both my parents have gone on. Whenever people are asked to remember someone who really influenced them for the Lord, my Mom is always the first person to come to my mind. I sure miss her, but I know she is resting from her labor now. Thank You for this excellent reminder! God Bless.

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 06 2010 05:22:28am
  Thanks Brother Billy, no one can ever take the place of our mothers and our fathers. God gave us them as channels of His love. May we remember them forever.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Olive Tree (@olivetree)
May 06 2010 06:34:39am
  Thanks for sharing this blog. It is great and touching. It is wonderful to have a Christian mom to pray together. Thank God so much for mothers.

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 06 2010 06:44:49am
  Thanks sister olivetree. Yes, it is great to have a mother, what more an understanding, loving and a christian mother. It is indeed a gift from our Heavenly Father. Thank God for such wonderful gift.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 06 2010 07:59:32am
  Thanks sister ptl2008 for your valuable comments and update on the local scene. It is true that there are many recent changes to the senior homes, but these quality homes are again for certain sectors of the society. Many would not be able to afford, unless the seniors themselves foot those bills.

Thanks for taking your time to share and broaden more views. May the Lord helps us to provide for the needs of our parents and to honour them , as the Lord also honours His

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 06 2010 05:39:23pm
  Brother Milt, thanks for reading this blog and for your comments. It is great to know so many share in the principles of honouring our parents. May the younger generations also do likewise.

Surely you can share more of your thoughts on this matter in your intended post. The more people talks about the same subject, the better the message will get across.

Thanks for your constant support and encouragements.It means a lot to me.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Joanna wakefield (@2bdevoted2)
May 06 2010 06:03:18pm
  Thank you! This is beautiful. We are very lucky her to have my parents living with us. My mum has chronic ruematoid arthritus and each year she gets a little worse. When she arrived in this country she could barely walk 5 metres, but God is so good, she got on a medication trial, and afterwards got offered the medication free for her lifetime, as long as it still helps her condition. This medication is sold for several thousand for one months supply. Needless to say without the drug companys generosity my dear mum, would be crippled wheelchair bound and utterly helpless. So the changes are greatly decreased, and we are free to enjoy her wonderful quiet practicality, and fierce loyalty. Especially when it comes to her grand daughters. My mum is also one of those rare people who love serving others unnoticed, who only gives advice when asked, and prefers listening to speaking. She is a real inspiration to me. We are the benefiters with my ma and pa living with us, and the thought of putting them in a aged care facility is abhorant to me. It actually works out more cost effective to get help in, to help me look after them. Not that that is the deciding factor. I love our 3 generation family!

Author: Tan Yeowhwa+
Posted May 06 2010 07:20:29pm
  Thanks sister 2bdevoted2 for your sharing and comments of your much-loved mum. I warm up to anyone who also loves their mum and dad. These peoples are special people who also know and experience love, unconditional love.

It is not easy to be a caregiver to a elderly person. I know the hardships and sturggles. My mum has been a heart and diabetic patient for the last 12 years, so it is not so simple as it seems. Yet I would put her and her need first, of course after our Lord's work and my own needs.:princess:

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Marjorie Albertson (@marjorie)
May 06 2010 06:54:46pm
  My parents are both with the lord. How I miss them. I love the country/gospel song "Will the circle be unbroken?" It will be so exciting to see my Mom & Dad again, when I join them with the Lord. Thank you, Hwa, for another wonderful blog. Shalom from Marjorie

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 06 2010 07:24:18pm
  Thanks sister Marjorie, there is this one consolation and comfort that we all will be in one huge place and enjoying life with those who have gone ahead to that glorious place.

Thanks for having the same love for our parents, may your children love you and your father in the same manner and even more.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Bee Geok Tan (@wordofgod)
May 09 2010 08:40:48am
  A touching sharing of a close and loving relationship between daughter and mother! Very well written and from the heart.

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 09 2010 08:48:51am
  Thanks sister wordofgod for your kind comments and encouragement. Mothers are special to all our hearts, and they deserve all the praise and all the honour. :princess::princess:

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Warren hilliard (@onearthasitisinheaven)
May 09 2010 10:41:12am
  I love my mother. I will honor her -- it is a conscious choice I make. However, what of the origins of Mother's Day? As Christian, I should be aware of this , especially if it affects my conscience. Following is a cut and paste of two or three websites {the Catholic one in brackets}: "Festivals honoring mothers and mother goddesses date to ancient times. The Phrygians held a festival for Cybele, the Great Mother of the Gods, as did the Greeks for the goddess Rhea. Likewise, the Romans adapted the practice to their own pantheon. During the Middle Ages, the custom developed of allowing those who had moved away to visit their home parishes and their mothers on Laetare Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Lent. {The fourth, or middle, Sunday of Lent, so called from the first words of the Introit at Mass, "Laetare Jerusalem" ‚‚¬‚ "Rejoice, O Jerusalem". During the first six or seven centuries the season of Lent commenced on the Sunday following Quinquagesima, and thus comprised only thirty-six fasting days. To these were afterwards added the four days preceding the first Sunday, in order to make up the forty days' fast . . . this day . . . (was) intended to encourage the faithful in their course through the season of penance.} This became Mothering Sunday in Britain, where it continued into modern times, although it has largely been replaced by Mother's Day." In its modern form, the day originated in the United States, where it is observed on the second Sunday in May. The American version of Mother's Day was started by Julia Ward Howe after the American Civil War. President Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution in Congress on May 9, 1914, recommending that the federal government observe Mother's day. The next year, the president was authorized to proclaim an annual holiday. So Be It.

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 09 2010 04:57:08pm
  Thanks Brother oneearthasitisinheaven for the comments and the historical information. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 09 2010 07:16:58pm
  Hi Kathryn, it was indeed a joy when I received this revelation from the Lord, because it ended my many years of struggles about putting God's work first. Now I feel at peace that God will not be angry when I take care of my mum. I told Him I will serve Him here in Singapore and some overseas trips on Missions when necessary. The real work of travelling more for evangelization has to wait for a while.

Anyway, evangelization is at my doorstep too. Thanks for your friendship too.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Dan Kelley (@lineman)
May 09 2010 07:44:22pm
  Silverpen, thanks for this blog. Christian parents are such a blessing! I have a step-mom who gave up a good life just so that she could take care of my brother and I. ( Poor lady! ) As I was reading your blog I thought of something I had never thought of before. It has always been my belief that if a person put their parents into a nursing home they were not doing what the 5th commandment required, but this evening it dawned on me that the Lord is telling us to take care of our parents and sometimes a nursing home is the absolute best place for them: spiritually, emotionally, physically. I have thought about what it means to honor our parents too. And I have come to believe that we can, and must, honor them even after they are dead and gone (even if we believe that all they do is go to sleep and do not go directly to heaven or elsewhere and are watching us). Happy Mother's Day Moms!

Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)
May 09 2010 08:18:43pm
  Thanks Brother lineman and sister kathryn for the comments. There is nothing wrong with the nursing homes, except we have to ensure they are good for their needs. Here the old folk's homes are quite apathetic, though as sister ptl2008 has updated me, the better ones are for certain sectors of the society. Here we do not get social welfare or help from the government when we grow old. That's the way things are run here.

Thanks for the verse too. I will remember it.

Blessings always and thanks for your friendship,

From Hwa Silverpen

Rob Henson (@greybear)
Jul 01 2010 12:46:05pm
  As I read this, I realized there was a piece missing. Christ already had blood half-brothers, James and Jude. Christ was not leaving his mother to John as the next best care taker. I am relatively certain, although scripture does not say so, that her own two sons cared for their own mother into her elder years. But the gift bestowed on her was that of a church family. John was not her son, but Christ laid out permission for her to be cared for by those of like faith. We are called to care for the widows and the orphans. Joseph may be gone by the time Christ dies, in that he is not mentioned in scripture. Mary may already be a widow. Another look reveals that John was eventually imprisoned for a good length of time and may not have even been around personally to care for her. That aside, I believe our culture has indeed abandoned their parents for convenience and ease. We don't want them messing up our lives and we want them set aside with as little care and mess to us as possible. Heart wrenching, but true. So much is lost when the older generation does not share with the younger. Our own identities are lacking in the loss of who we are and what our history is. Super great piece. Be careful when you talk "revelations from the Lord", because they should always be fully in line and accurate with His word as written. Blessings, PapaBear

Author: Tan Yeowhwa+
Posted Jul 01 2010 07:53:53pm
  Brother PapaBear, thanks for the visit and the comments.The essense of this blog is not whether Jesus had half brothers or not, though I also knew that He had and also it is not about whether John the Apostle eventually had been imprisoned to look after Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus.

I believed that the time of His death, Jesus was very close to John, maybe even closer to His earthly brothers. It was recorded that His brothers jeered and disbelieved Him.It would not be surprising that Jesus could have been very close to John His disciple whom He loved the most and whom He was very close to.

The essence of this blog was that Jesus loved his earthly mother very much and cared for her well-being just before He died. He cared enough to instruct His closest and most loved disciple to take care of her, who might have to take care of her in addition to his half brothers'help. Remember men or women would give their final words which were of utmost importance at their last few remaining moments on earth. Whatever last words they might be, they had to be very very important to the persons who were dying!

The passage of the Bible showed that Jesus in His few moments on earth, thought of his mother's future well being and that action showed He cared her very much, contrary to my questioning of the Lord that He did not love His mother as much as I love mine. That's the essence, it was actually a reply to my prayer and cries to the Lord about my mum.

To me, this message was a revelation to me. Sorry that you didn't like the usage of the word, but it was really a revelation of my situations and an enlightment for my many years struggle of serving the Lord first and putting our parents as secondary.

God speaks to His children many revelations . He speaks many to me, regarding my business, my family, my thoughts, my bad points, my future, my life and about my works for Him.

God speaks to everyone who wants His revelations on their lives, their families, their future and everything. He speaks to many men and women, big and small, even unknown person like me. You may not know me or how I look or even my name.But He knows everything about me, He is my best friend.

So all that He reveals to me are personal revelations of which I had shared some in all my blogs since joining this blogsite 3 months ago. Sorry I will continue to use the word revelations as they are true revelations to my life and my situation.

Thanks for the input and the interest in Mother's love. It saddens my heart that so many do not care for the well being of their parents. This message should be read by more young people that they may know even God wants us to love them, respect them, and to take care of them until they leave this world.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Rob Henson (@greybear)
Jul 02 2010 05:04:02am
  Dear Sister, Your point is well taken as it applied to personal revelations and what we learn or come to understand. I agree that the jest of the blog was to care for and love our parents and that in many case in this day and age it doesn't happen. To that I enjoyed what you have written. I want you to realize that you are uphold the writing of someone clearly not in align with the Bible in another blog and have recognized her writings as equal in Truth to God's word. Recall she self elevates her own writing to the equal of John, yet they are Biblically inconsistent with God's word. Therefore when you use the idea of revelations, I base that understand on ALL you write and begin to look for common inconsistencies. If you check my profile Sister you will find I have been hear at CB the 3rd longest only to John himself and one other member. I have seen many people who appear sound Christian come in and them suddenly begin to twist stories inconsistent to God word. Then when confronted it becomes obvious they have blended a tangled mess of New Age religion with God's word and for some they don't even know it is the case. I have not read all of your writings yet and many I have found no issue with, yet it is disturbing how nonchalantly you have brushed aside the inconsistent words of an apparent self declared false prophetess by simply saying I will not evaluate her word. Scary, really scary. PapaBear

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