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Kirk m+ published this sponsored blog
I came to give but instead... I received.

The Prayer Warrior's Song

I wrote this for the front of my journal for last year. I thought i'd share it

The Prayer Warrior's Song
I am a soldier; I hold a light
I am a soldier; as such I'll fight.
I am a soldier; my commander a king
I am a soldier; I'll fear no dark thing.

Onward I'll march to Great Victory
Onward I'll march to see that Great City
Onward I'll march--my orders to follow
Onward I'll march--be the way dark and narrow.

Bravely I'll fight, though the battle be long
Bravely I'll fight, though the enemy's strong.
Bravely I'll fight, for the victory's won.
Bravely I'll fight, and every evil I'll shun.

I'll never give in, though the devil tempts me
I'll never give in, though it seems all for nothing.
I'll never give in, for this way is to life.
I'll never give in, I'll trust though every strife.

I am a soldier; I fight for a king.
Onward I'll march; to Him I'll sing.
Bravely I'll fight, though the ground gained is slow.
I'll never give in and loyally go.

Published: Dec 27 2006 03:07:17pm

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