Discipleship and the Discipline of Silence

There are times in our spiritual walk when 'silence is golden,' as we wait for God to act. In our walk there are three disciplines which we must understand as we grow in maturity and oneness with our Saviour. There are times when it is more approbiate to either; worship, work or wait. To determine where our emphasis should be at any particular time is dependant on our oneness with God our Father. As we grow more into Christ such emphasis becomes easier for we find that all three will run in together.

God has said that 'Blessedare all who wait for me.'. Isaiah 30 15-18 When God speaks of waiting he means something totally different to what we believe the word to mean. We tend tohave a vision of a cessation of spiritual activity, in other words we have a 'day off.'. We are not to sit around with folded hands and close down our spiritual hard drive and focus on some other wordly pursuit. We are to wait as farmers wait for the harvest, with intense concentration, for we are to rest in the LORD, not rust. Isaiah writes in 'repentence and rest is your salvation.'. Resting and being silent before God is to be a renewed focus on him, a turning to him in silence as we await him to speak to our souls with afresh word. It is in this worshipful silence that we wait with eager expectation to see Gods salvation roll before our eyes, for we are coming into the centre of Gods focusand plans for us.

As we wait, his peace will come rolling in like the waves of the sea for we are in the epicentre of Gods blessings and his love will roll down like rivers from the mountains. The difficulty is that to wait on the Lord takes discipline if we, like Daniel, face the lions of this worlds sinfulness. It takes great courage to be still before God, when you want to do something, to quench the flames of the firey furnance. We want to run and do our thing, to enthrone our wisdom on the our heart and rely on our wits, to take the bull by the horns and trust in out initiative. In Isaiahs time they said they would flee on horses and use our god given abilities. But God never guides and he most certainly never speaks through our initiative.

The children of Israel where told to stand still and see the salvation of God. Sadly a lot of our silences before God are of the fleshly contingent, namely 'the sulks,' sulleness or exhaustion. Such slience is not pleasing to God and will never result in experiencing his salvation. The silence that GOD requires is born from an absolute confidence that God knows what he is doing. Whether our journey is in a dreary wilderness, a sea of despair, a dusty sandy waste with no shade, or ajungle of confusion - wait and rest in his loving arms, for when we go through the fire it will not burn us, or the sea will not swallow us.As we wait in silence before God resting in his promises soon there will be a highway through the entaglement to God, for the hills will melt like wax at the presence of the Lord.

Find rest O my soul in God alone, my hope comes from him - I will not be shaken. Rouse our soul out of its slumber and focus on God, his salvation, his holiness, his redemption and power.

Be like Jesus who was asleep in the boat, or like Peter who was imprisionedand was asleep between two guards. Both knew that God was in control and they rested in this knowledge.

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

Thank you that really spoke to my heart. Waiting on God is not a waste of our time but can be a great blessing.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

the bread that I needed this morning before i venture out in the cold for work. be blessed and thank you

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]We want to run and do our thing, to enthrone our wisdom on the our heart and rely on our wits, to take the bull by the horns and trust in out initiative. [/quote]

I am a "problem-solver" who tends to be extremely impulsive as well. That's a bad combination!

What you wrote is something God has been trying to teach me... over and over and over again. It is so easy for a "plan of action" to slip into your mind disguised as "inspiration" when in reality it is nothing of the sort. It is merely an enticement to take matters into your own hands rather than allow them to rest in God's hands where they belong.

What are we to do? Rather than jump to conclusions we need to take a deep breath, stop and be silent before the Lord.

I want you to know this blog is a very timely message for me in regards to a situation that is occurring at the moment. The potential outcome could be negative and yesterday I found myself stewing about it, agonizing over it, wishing the person who inadvertently triggered it had been more careful and so forth. I found myself thinking it could be just fine and have no ramifications in the future whatsoever and yet the "What-Ifs" came knocking at my door once again.

I need to rest in God. I need to trust that even when it seems that "mistakes" are made, God is God. We must learn to place things into His hands and allow Him to do with them what He will. When we do that, we can be confident that in the end, it will be all right.


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

If we consider the words of scripture given us in the Holy Bible, text, along with the length of time involved, we will see that there were and are, long periods of silence. Over 4 plus years I wrote about 450 blogs. I know blogs are more like a daily journal, of sorts, especially in the secular mindset. And compared to our lives, are only a fraction of what we say and do each day. God will bring into account every word, thought, and deed, of what sort they are. The need to be silent much of the time will surely show itself, then.

All glory, honor, praise, to Jesus Christ. Those words are few, (7), but sure need to be heeded and done. Good blog. God bless.


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