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In government, a bill is written and debated and rewritten and finally agreed upon by the Senate and House of Representatives and sent to the President to be signed. Once the President signs a bill, it becomes LAW. This law now goes into the judicial... read more
1140 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Aug 13, 2008
Perhaps one of the most difficult things to handle in the Bible is the switch from the Old to the New Testaments. The Old Testament, being the administration of the Law, is full of admonitions to not do this and not do that. The New Testament, being... read more
1036 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Aug 12, 2008
I will be very honest and say that it is extremely difficult to stay focused on personal and local matters with all that is going on elsewhere in the world. The situation unfolding in Georgia is way beyond troubling, it is downright scary. For those... read more
1059 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Aug 12, 2008
In order to understand the horrible mess we are in as a society, I feel it important to ask a couple of very deep questions. These are the kinds of questions kids in college stay up all night discussing. There are no easy and simple answers to these... read more
1280 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Aug 11, 2008
Here we are in August, the Olympics are on many people's minds and kids are getting antsy wanting to get back to school. Normally it is very hot at this time of year but much of the country is enjoying an early cool snap. Now that all the news,... read more
635 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Aug 09, 2008
This is going to be difficult, but I will give it a shot. Using the Zodhiates Word Study New Testament, here is how the start of John 3:16 looks (sort of): For1063 Godartnn2316 soad3779 lovedaina25 theart3588 worldnn2889 in the book, the... read more
836 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Aug 08, 2008
I sit here surrounded by books. I have to wonder why I have so many. Truth be told, I should be a member of RBA (Research Books Anonymous). At different times over the years I have gone on buying binges where I order and end up with more research and... read more
1123 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Aug 07, 2008
You can tell a lot about your faith by answering the following questions. 1.When reading the account of Peter walking on the water do you: a.Think it is entirely symbolic of spiritual truths but didn't really take place. b.Think it was only a... read more
1050 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Aug 07, 2008
Believe it or not, there was a time not too many years ago when the Bible was respected by most Christians. Whether they read it or understood it was irrelevant; it was still the Holy Bible and it was to be treated with the same kind of respect one on... read more
1010 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Aug 06, 2008
"Execution, I demand execution". Upon reading the above sentence one would immediately think of some ruthless dictator who wants to get rid of a political enemy. Or perhaps a lawyer in his final remarks to a jury is pleading for justice for... read more
1088 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Aug 05, 2008
A number of years ago a major fast food restaurant used an older woman complaining to the management of a competitor "Where's the beef". The obvious implication was that their hamburgers were small andor mixed with fillers. Actually, it... read more
1169 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Aug 04, 2008
There is a difference between being honest and being negative, although at times it is very small. The old saying about whether the cup is half full or empty is of course the supposed difference between an optimist and a pessimist. So, is the cup half... read more
1099 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Aug 04, 2008
Why is the Dead Sea so dead? Because it is all inlet and no outlet. For this same reason the Great Salt Lake in Utah is sterile. A body of water which only receives water and never releases any as a rule will become stagnant. As believers we need to... read more
858 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Aug 01, 2008
What if the dirty and haggard looking guy who stands at the exit to Wal Mart with a sign reading, "will work for food" was an angel sent there by the Lord to see how many Christians would scorn him, mock him, avoid him like the plague or... read more
931 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Jul 31, 2008
Have you ever thought about just how comprehensive Psalm 23 really is? There are perhaps seventeen different things mentioned in this short Psalm. These things deal with issues which are huge to a believer and issues which are huge to the Lord. All of... read more
509 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Jul 30, 2008
The Word of God can be trusted because God says so. If we cannot trust God, then who can we trust? Man has a serious problem allowing himself to believe in the integrity of God's Word. He wants to twist it around to suit his needs and wants and... read more
1228 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Jul 29, 2008
If you have a few moments, please follow the link below and read this article: Reading this piece flushed up many very interesting and probing questions that any true Christian must deal with, especially if there remains a controversy in their... read more
992 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Jul 27, 2008
In 1972 both my parents became involved with the same ministry I had hooked up with the year before. Within a very short period of time, my dad started manifesting the qualities of a "new man". The meekness in his heart was nothing short of... read more
1249 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Jul 27, 2008
In the next episode of "As the Kansas Family Turns" we start in a quiet neighborhood in Wichita. The two oldest children have moved away and have started families of their own. All that remains is mom, dad and the youngest child (me). These... read more
1247 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Jul 26, 2008
The year was 1931 and the place was a little town in Kansas named Madison. My grandparents owned a store that bought cream from local farmers which was in turn sold to the large dairy upstate. There were thousands upon thousands of such stores... read more
1162 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Jul 25, 2008
Here are ten questions to ponder upon while reflecting upon the current sad state of Christianity: 1.Why do so few Christians pay any attention to what is being advocated and professed by their leaders; whether locally or denominationally? 2.Why do... read more
886 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Jul 25, 2008
"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness." Romans 1:18 NKJV What is this verse telling us? Very simply it is saying that the wrath of God is... read more
1353 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Jul 24, 2008
My heart is pained as I am aware of what is happening now and is getting ready to happen to countless thousands who live in south Texas and worse yet, across the Rio Grande River in Mexico. Hurricane Dolly has done what few expected which was to... read more
903 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Jul 23, 2008
Here is some information which may help you keep things in perspective. We are living in the year 2008. Did you know that 100 years ago there was not one single air conditioner in existence? 1939 marked the first year of the first air conditioner in a... read more
1089 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Jul 23, 2008
Many years ago I was attending a leader's conference. Around 8:00 p.m. we started discussing a topic that kept going until the next morning. The twenty or so of us in attendance never felt the need to stop and sleep. We were young and extremely... read more
1080 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Jul 22, 2008
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