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Of all the chasms that divide Christianity, none runs deeper than when one believes the church began. Some believe the church began with Abraham, some believe it began with Moses, others believe it began with John the Baptist and most believe it began... read more
980 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Mar 23, 2008
I first presented this on my birthday in January. I present this edited version as a tribute to the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is one thing that strikes fear in the heart of our enemy. There is one thing that makes him shake in... read more
1924 words · ~8 minutes to read · published Mar 22, 2008
Ten years ago I died. Ten years ago on this date I was on an operating table where surgeons deliberately stopped my heart and hooked me up to a heartlung machine. For the time it took them to perform open heart surgery, I was only "artificially... read more
1045 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Mar 22, 2008
I remember sitting on the floor at a fellowship surrounded by close to 50 other kids in 1970 when I first heard someone teach what quickly became and still is my favorite section of scripture. Part of the reason these verses so electrified me was that... read more
979 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Mar 21, 2008
For Protestants and Catholics alike, the next few days represent one of the rare times people act religious. It has been the running "joke" for centuries that certain people only go to church or mass on Christmas and Easter. Jesus Christ... read more
1241 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Mar 21, 2008
Romans 5:1 and 2 provide critical information regarding our legal standing before God: "Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, Through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in... read more
978 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Mar 20, 2008
In this day of many posts about women, I submit this personal one about me, a simple man who loves God and His Word. In the course of writing all these posts on this blog, I have managed to tap into the very "heart of God" on occasions and I... read more
770 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Mar 20, 2008
I am fully aware of the reputation I have. It is not by accident. I am 100 Christian and 0 anything else. Outside of Jesus Christ, I have no life and no will to live. I have no ambition for personal fame or fortune. I will not under any... read more
1090 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Mar 20, 2008
I do believe we should pause and ask ourselves often the most basic question in all of life; why am I here? What exactly is the purpose for being alive? Are we born into this life to suffer and then die? Are we allowed to draw breath to exist for a... read more
1541 words · ~6 minutes to read · published Mar 19, 2008
Without getting into a subject that can easily go around in circles theologically; let me say that it is not a foregone conclusion that Jesus died on Good Friday and arose Sunday morning. Although this is the predominant teaching, and has been within... read more
1226 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Mar 18, 2008
There are seven major covenants recorded in the Bible. Five of these covenants are unconditional and two are conditional. The five unconditional covenants are: 1.Genesis 9:817 made with "righteous" Noah regarding God's pledge to never... read more
1482 words · ~6 minutes to read · published Mar 17, 2008
Many of us say we live only to see the glory of Christ's return, but are we ready to endure what comes before it? This was basically the pretense for Christ's "Olivet" discussion of the end times found in Matthew 24 and 25.... read more
1530 words · ~6 minutes to read · published Mar 17, 2008
Paul's epistles are generally in the category of doctrine, reproof or correction. The great doctrinal epistles are Romans, Ephesians and Thessalonians. 1 and 2 Corinthians reprove the practical error that creeps in by failing to adhere to the... read more
1458 words · ~6 minutes to read · published Mar 16, 2008
One would think economic news would take a backseat this week, but to the contrary, it may make big news. As Christians we should strive to be aware of what is coming so as to be in better shape to handle things and to provide guidance and help to... read more
1979 words · ~8 minutes to read · published Mar 15, 2008
One year ago I had the joy and privilege of spending a few days with an old friend at his home in Virginia. This friend has led a small deliverance ministry for 15 years. He has never sought great fame or fortune, and indeed, lives in a rented farm... read more
1385 words · ~6 minutes to read · published Mar 14, 2008
When examining Romans, there is a section in chapter one that seems out of place. The long section recorded in verses 18 through 32 appears to some as having no relevance to subject matter of the book. But, when taken in the context of the gospel of... read more
1378 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Mar 14, 2008
It takes humility and meekness to first admit mistakes and then learn from them. Pride and arrogance constantly fight against humility and meekness for control of our hearts. The battle rages daily and whichever one wins one day may lose the next. The... read more
1205 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Mar 13, 2008
There seems to be quite a difference of opinion regarding what the proper reaction to another's sin should be. On one hand there are strong exhortations to forgive and help one who has fallen to get up and walk again. But, on the other hand there... read more
1010 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Mar 12, 2008
Too many times in our busy world, we forget that we need to take the time to listen to music. Every single morning for the past year I have taken 45 minutes upon first rising to listen to an instrumental CD simply called "Holy" by Terry... read more
1109 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Mar 11, 2008
Jesus Christ does not demand every single one of His followers be a "doulos" or branded slave. Jesus does demand anyone claiming to be leader in the church to first be a servant. Those who are entrusted with the oversight of God's flock... read more
921 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Mar 10, 2008
Jesus Christ sets before those believing in Him as Lord and Master the goal of becoming "AS HE IS" in this life. Our personal efforts should thus be directed toward "renewing our mind" and "putting on the new man" so that... read more
1712 words · ~7 minutes to read · published Mar 09, 2008
Every one of us must make choices as to what we believe and what we are going to tie our beliefs to. Every person must make a decision as to what will be their personal standard of truth by which their ethics, convictions, beliefs and faith is aligned... read more
1204 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Mar 08, 2008
Urgent message to all who home school or know someone who does: As the old saying says; As California goes, so goes the country. Without much warning and almost out of the blue, a decision of a California appeals court may send shock waves not only... read more
245 words · ~1 minute to read · published Mar 07, 2008
I am constrained to veer off course for a day in my attempt to deal with "legalism" strictly from logic and scriptural points of view. I made a comment on another longrunning blog which has burned in my heart ever since. I feel... read more
1584 words · ~6 minutes to read · published Mar 06, 2008
Jesus Christ purchased our redemption and justification upon the cross. When we accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and receive the new birth, we receive all that was done for us at Calvary. We are declared righteous in God's sight because our sins... read more
1349 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Mar 05, 2008
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