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Being Righteous in Lord.
CALL HIM WITH A PURE HEART - HE NOT ONLY ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS - HE JUSTIFIES YOU AND MAKES YOU RIGHTEOUS. How do I stand as Righteous in the eyes of the Lord? Is there something that I should do about? Has the definition of Righteousness changed after...
World of Abrahams.. Isaacs.. Jacobs..
Bible - A Gateway to the Spiritual Kingdom helps us to take a Break from our daily problems and enter into the Miraculous, Adventurous Kingdom of Heaven. Bible gives us Promise, Strength and Hope in the times of struggles. It detaches our Mind from...
You are Mine...
Looking back at my Journey of understanding the Love of God.. sacrifice of Jesus.. scriptures.. blessings.. churches.. faith.. fellowship.. the one thing that made me look back at Jesus as my Lord.. was His confirming YOU ARE MINE.. His assurance YOU...