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This morning, as I read a blog by blessings2you entitled Whatever The Lord Wants, That Is What I Want, I found myself thinking about what Jesus said in the 28th chapter of Matthew: "... and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the... read more
277 words · ~1 minute to read · published Jun 08, 2015
On March 28, 2008, I had my first infusion of a chemo drug called Taxol. I'd previously had four infusions of AdriamycinCytoxen (AC)and had been told that generally most people tolerate Taxol far better. Granted about 40 of the people have an... read more
773 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Jun 07, 2015
Many of us over the years have had terrible experiences with doctors, nurses andor hospitals. I have too but I have also had some incredible experiences as well and I have to tell you, I am very thankful that I have also had some wonderful doctors... read more
1407 words · ~6 minutes to read · published Jun 07, 2015
I call it the five year old syndrome and I began to experience it after I'd had a ruptured brain aneurysm in December 2009. One of the things I lost was my ability to multitask. I had been an elementary school teacher working in the innercity... read more
770 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Jun 06, 2015
Often times when we talk about defending our faith, we get a mental image of donning a suit of armor, mounting a horse and brandishing a sword or lance as we race into battle, intent on annihilating whoever dared to ask us a question. Perhaps instead... read more
443 words · ~1 minute to read · published Jun 04, 2015
I remember that terrible time last fall when my son was "ripped apart" when his wife walked out the door and his world collapsed around him. His first response was to cry out to God. This must always be our first response for God and God... read more
855 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Jun 03, 2015
I remember the day I first saw it. My son and his wife were moving back to Minnesota after she had lost her job teaching at a small private school in rural Nebraska. My son had come back a few weeks before the school year was finished to try to find a... read more
660 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 30, 2015
At first I did not even realize that it was happening. I would be zooming along on the internet, happily racing through cyberspace unaware that sometimes when I stopped to take in the view I became disconnected for a moment. It is hard to say how long... read more
1224 words · ~5 minutes to read · published May 23, 2015
God is our refuge and strength, an everpresent help in trouble. Psalm 46:1 (NIV) This morning, I turned to Psalm 46 and was reminded that not only is God our refuge and strength, He is our everpresent help. When God's Word tells us that He is... read more
371 words · ~1 minute to read · published May 21, 2015
It was Easter morning in 1967 and I, along with my brother searched the house for the Easter eggs we had helped our parents color the night before. I was as excited as any six year old could be and I had a favorite egg in mind. The night before, my... read more
538 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 19, 2015
For nearly 30 years I have been a member of a health care coop. Established nearly 60 years ago, it has over 1 million members and is the largest consumergoverned health care organization in the United States. It is unique in that it provides both... read more
499 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 19, 2015
My pastor is currently doing a sermon series called "I didn't ask for this!" The title of last week's sermon was "The Black Envelope". While listening to the sermon, I found myself remembering the day I was given a black... read more
396 words · ~1 minute to read · published May 15, 2015
The other night my son and I were having one of those mother and son talks. We have done that a lot over the years actually and the older he has gotten, the more thankful I am that I always made time to talk to and listen to my son. If you do not make... read more
846 words · ~3 minutes to read · published May 14, 2015
On September 3, 2007, a few months after I joined CB, I wrote a blog entitled God Is Bigger. In that blog I shared about my cousin Diane who has a rare cerebrovascular disorder called Moyamoya Disease. Life had been tough. About 20 years ago, her... read more
637 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 10, 2015
A few years ago, I read a book by Brother Andrew entitled "Light Force: The Only Hope For The Middle East". I have to say that this book, along with another book by the same author, entitled "Secret Believers", gave me much to... read more
594 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 06, 2015
We like to think that we are willing to face a great deal for the sake of the Gospel but I wonder if we are willing to face simply being inconvenienced or having our life interrupted by someone else? We have all experienced this. We are busy, we have... read more
533 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 03, 2015
For a number of years, I taught a summer class for gifted students in grades 36 entitled "K'Nex Amusement Park Rides and Technology". For most of the class, students worked together in teams to complete projects. However, I did not... read more
531 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 02, 2015
Nearly 30 years ago, I had a bad fall when I broke into my house through a basement window. I had grown up in that house and I knew from personal experience that if you kicked a certain window in a certain way, the latch would release and you could... read more
626 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 01, 2015
A few days ago, I wrote a blog entitled The Challenges That We Face. One of the verses I mentioned was John 16:33 which says: I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have... read more
471 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Apr 29, 2015
A couple of years ago, while my husband and I were in Missouri visiting our friends, Kirk and Beth, they took us to see Meramec Caverns. I have to say that while I do not generally like small narrow places, I do like caves and I have been to a few in... read more
500 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Apr 28, 2015
As long as we live in this world, we are going to be faced with challenges and not one human being is immune to this. Not a single one. The form of these challenges may vary. They may be physical, emotional, mental or a combination of any or all of... read more
588 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Apr 27, 2015
The time had come to step into the land that God had promised them and take possession of it. Between them and the land however, there was a barrier, the Jordan River. Now while crossing the river in itself might be a challenge, the Bible tells us... read more
311 words · ~1 minute to read · published Apr 23, 2015
More than 45 years have passed and yet the memory of what happened that day is firmly etched in my mind. I could not tell you the date but I can take you to the place and point to the spot where I heard the whisper of love. I had heard about it... read more
739 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Apr 21, 2015
I blinked when my husband told me what he believed that God wanted him to start graduate school in September 2013 so that he could get his Master of Divinity and serve as a hospital chaplain. The chaplain part did not surprise me. When my husband and... read more
1198 words · ~5 minutes to read · published Apr 18, 2015
My family has been going through a great deal as of emotional turmoil over the past few months and quite honestly my pain and grief has been so great at times that I have wondered if I would ever smile again, let alone laugh. It is one thing when... read more
503 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Apr 15, 2015
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