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Have you ever noticed that verse was before the fall? Even in paradise, with every single need met, God intended for humanity to work. As I reread this verse, I thought about my friend Kbird and her garden. Now I attempted to do some container... read more
632 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Jan 09, 2013
Today, my husband was able to work four hours at a free lance job and will work another six hours tomorrow. He was asked if he would be available for another gig as well... indeed he will. Since he is on unemployment right now, he will only be able to... read more
195 words · ~1 minute to read · published Jan 08, 2013
There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death. Proverbs 14:12 (NKJV) Deception. We don't like to talk about it much within the Church. Oh, I don't mean that we don't talk about deception. It seems like we are... read more
602 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Jan 08, 2013
I must confess that over the past 3 12 weeks I have forgotten far too often that I am surrounded by the Shield of God's Love. It is easy for us to forget that when we begin to focus on what the enemy is doing, rather than on God. In my Bible... read more
559 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Jan 07, 2013
The other day, as I was reflecting on the events of my life over the past two years in particular and thinking about my current situation, this song came on over the radio: It is important to remember that we are the followers of Christ rather than... read more
217 words · ~1 minute to read · published Jan 05, 2013
While it may still be Friday, January the 4th in my neck of the woods in the center of North America, it is Saturday, January 5th in New Zealand and that means only one thing. It is Kiwibird's aka Kbird's birthday. God has richly blessed me... read more
459 words · ~1 minute to read · published Jan 04, 2013
It had to have broken King David's heart. The enemy who sought to overthrow him and seize the kingdom was not some foreign king. It was not even a greedy stranger. It was his own son... Absalom. I am certain that in addition to great sorrow,... read more
546 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Jan 03, 2013
The title of this blog is not a typo. Instead it reflects the prevalent attitude of our hearts. Oh, we probably won't say it, at least in church or around other Christians... not blatantly but this is the underlying message preached in many... read more
298 words · ~1 minute to read · published Jan 02, 2013
I was six years old when I first met her more than 45 years ago. My mom had stopped to pick her up for church. She stepped into the car and began a running commentary but I could barely understand her. It is a small wonder as she was a native of... read more
567 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Jan 02, 2013
Job was a man who was upright before the Lord. It wasn't someone else who said this about Job. It wasn't even Job himself... it was God. Have you ever noticed that? I've thought about Job a lot over the past five years. It's not... read more
460 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Dec 30, 2012
I set a large pot of steaming ham and bean soup on the table. Next to it I placed some hot cornbread and poured a couple of glasses of cold milk. My husband and I sat down at the table. He sniffed the soup appreciatively before we bowed our heads.... read more
356 words · ~1 minute to read · published Dec 28, 2012
If you asked this question of most Christians, few would hesitate in giving their answer. "I trust in God, of course!" We hear messages about this, we read about this in the Word of God and we even will sing songs about trusting God in all... read more
741 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Dec 28, 2012
Here's a video clip of what a firefighter sees when they are fighting a fire. Now remember, this was being filmed so the area was brightly lit by artificial light and of course, the firefighters also had light. With that in mind, did you notice... read more
788 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Dec 24, 2012
While most states in the U.S. supposedly limit nonexempt employees to the forty hour work week, the reality is there are virtually no laws limiting the use of overtime. As companies and organizations seek ways to reduce their spending, many turn to... read more
415 words · ~1 minute to read · published Dec 22, 2012
Two weeks from tonight will mark the day the residual effects of a ruptured brain aneurysm and a stroke caught up with me and I left my classroom for the last time. It was a devastating experience for us in more ways than one. Teaching isn't just... read more
1045 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Dec 21, 2012
We have tried to live in a way pleasing to you. We have tried to be obedient to your words and yet... the enemy has stripped us of earthly position, screamed at us that we are alone and that God does not care and that we should curse God and die. When... read more
345 words · ~1 minute to read · published Dec 19, 2012
The past few days for me have been the sort of days when you just mechanically remember that you should probably eat. When there is turmoil in our lives, it usually makes us either eat more or eat less. I've done both. It is 9:10 p.m. and I only... read more
296 words · ~1 minute to read · published Dec 17, 2012
It started out as a normal day. Usually that's the way it is at the beginning of the day that your world seems to collapse around you. My husband got up and headed off to work. I did a few things around the house and noted that he had forgotten... read more
907 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Dec 17, 2012
Since 2009, people at CB have been able to order their absolutely free genuine Minnesota White Christmas Kits. Sigh... there was a slight snag last year however. Out of respect to John who has made it quite clear that he hates snow, a new product was... read more
155 words · ~1 minute to read · published Dec 10, 2012
In our world too, a Stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world. C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle In the final book of the Chronicles of Narnia, it is discovered that the inside of a small dingy stable is not small and dingy... read more
190 words · ~1 minute to read · published Dec 09, 2012
I sat in the darkened concert hall this evening behind my husband who was sitting at the board. This was the first concert I had attended in the new college concert hall which just opened this fall. The director of the ensemble, who has become a good... read more
454 words · ~1 minute to read · published Dec 09, 2012
At the moment, I am looking at a white covering of new snow and bright blue skies. Everything is very still. Looking out my window, you would never dream that there is a storm coming... but there is. The southern border of the winter storm warning... read more
209 words · ~1 minute to read · published Dec 08, 2012
This morning, as I read a blog by Billyb entitled There Is A Lot Worse Cliff That Many Are Headed Towards I got to thinking about how often we cry out to God to help us in a situation and yet we refuse to change our behavior. If we are honest with... read more
891 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Dec 08, 2012
Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless,... read more
476 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Dec 03, 2012
Earlier today I was reading a blog by cmlewis0 entitled A Beautiful Mind. As I read his blog, I thought about my brief experience with paranoia which happenedwhen I was recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm which occurred nearly three years ago.... read more
771 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Nov 30, 2012
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