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Yesterday I sat with more than 1,000 women listening to a man tell his story. I know this story to be true for my husband and I know this man personally. He has followed Christ for many years. Riding on the wave of a booming real estate market, when... read more
757 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Sep 25, 2011
The city of Samaria lay under siege. Surrounded by the Syrians, shut up within the city, the inhabitants of the city were starving. In the seventh chapter of Second Kings, we learn that there were four lepers at the gate of the city. First of all,... read more
693 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Sep 24, 2011
Over the past four years, I have seen a lot of people pass through the doors of CB. Most of them are what we call "free members". They are delighted that they get a chance to post "free blogs" and access other "free"... read more
730 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Sep 23, 2011
When I was a girl, my grandma and two of her sisters were living in Duluth, Minnesota. The city of Duluth lies at the tip of the southwestern edge of Lake Superior and sprawls out up a steep hill. I never saw the ocean until I was 16 years old but I... read more
312 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 22, 2011
In his second letter to the Thessalonian church, Paul writes: So we keep on praying for you, asking our God to enable you to live a life worthy of his call. May he give you the power to accomplish all the good things your faith prompts you to do. Then... read more
343 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 21, 2011
This past Saturday people from more than 20 churches and businesses as well as the city government worked together to bless about 2,000 people who are in crisis situations. We weren't there to promote our churches. Indeed there were no church... read more
425 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 19, 2011
Last week, I drove to an apple orchard a few miles away from me and purchased a bag of SweeTango apples. I got my first taste of this delectable apple a couple of years ago prior to it's release to the public market while I was on a field trip... read more
440 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 17, 2011
As a teacher, I know the importance of providing an example for my students particularly when learning a new concept or skill. It enables them to see the process by which I create the finished product. They are able to observe me at work and more... read more
299 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 16, 2011
To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away. Matthew 25:29 (NLT) In the 25th chapter of Matthew, we find the parable... read more
1411 words · ~6 minutes to read · published Sep 13, 2011
It was all over. She had tried so hard and yet... it was now over. There was just enough flour and oil to make a bit of bread for herself and her son. It would be their last meal. Perhaps she had appealed to her neighbors and perhaps they had done as... read more
493 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Sep 12, 2011
When looking the lyrics to this wellknown hymn I discovered that the fiancee of the writer, Joseph Scriven, drowned the night before they were to be married. Scriven emigrated from Ireland to Canada shortly thereafter. Sometime later he became... read more
364 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 11, 2011
Earlier today, I was preparing a roast for Sunday dinner. Now, I realize everyone has their own way of doing things so I probably need to explain something here in order for this blog to make sense to most people. I was born, raised and live in... read more
800 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Sep 11, 2011
It was one of those early morning moments, you know the kind when you just wake up abruptly in the wee hours of the morning and discover that you are "singing" praises to God. Without waking my husband, I "sang" and simply... read more
620 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Sep 11, 2011
While it is still September 10th here in the U.S. where I live, it is September 11th in OZ (Australia), where my dear friend Shanijane (aka Shani) lives and that means... she is now 21 years old. Shani joined CB on November 14, 2008. I can't... read more
197 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 10, 2011
"What on earth are you going to do with me now?" That's a question I know I have asked God. Have you? When we follow Christ, we are embarking on an amazing adventure. We know our final destination but the route by which we get there,... read more
326 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 09, 2011
In the seventeenth chapter of 1 Kings, we find the prophet Elijah delivering a message from God to King Ahab. As the LORD God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word. 1 Kings 17:1b (NKJV)... read more
422 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 07, 2011
The Shepherd leads you down a pleasant path which runs through a field of fragrant grass and flowers. It passes by still waters and the air is alive with the music of songbirds. Oh, it is sooooooo good to be alive and it is so good to be with the... read more
312 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 07, 2011
What an exciting time it had been. After 400 years in Egypt, years which had involved bondage, Jacob's descendants were finally going home! Plague after plague had taken place and perhaps at times the people had felt hopeless. Finally, at the... read more
1038 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Sep 06, 2011
"I just received word that I do not have to leave the premises until next Friday. Can I still come next Friday?" "Of course." I replied. "I have your room ready for you." Suddenly the man's voice on the other end of... read more
757 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Sep 02, 2011
As a mom, a preschool teacher and an elementary school teacher, I have seen more tears brought on by a child's own actions than I can count. I can't help but think that what I've observed in children, is the same behavior I often see in... read more
412 words · ~1 minute to read · published Sep 01, 2011
Earlier this evening I shared my "story" of the past four years with a man who has faced his own tragedies. As I talked with him, I thought about what I knew of his story. Like myself and so many others, he has been walking with God in the... read more
369 words · ~1 minute to read · published Aug 31, 2011
A favorite song of mine is the song Blessings by Laura Story. The past four years of my life have not been the easiest. Physical illness has taken my body to the brink of death and while I am definitely still here, there have been some residual... read more
968 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Aug 31, 2011
I just noticed a little bit ago that my friend, blessings2you, has now exceeded more than a million views on his blogs. That is quite a lot of views! I am once again reminded that the words we write are not just restricted to the members of CB,... read more
205 words · ~1 minute to read · published Aug 28, 2011
"I'm sorry to hear about that. I will remember you in my prayers." Have you ever said something to that effect? I have. Now, without raising your hands, I'd like to ask this question. How many times have you forgotten all about it... read more
514 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Aug 28, 2011
The plot thickens. The problems seem insurmountable and yet you are only partially through the book or you know the play or the movie has another hour left. Do you close the book or leave the theater at that point because the story is over? Of course... read more
280 words · ~1 minute to read · published Aug 27, 2011
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