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A Prayer For Our Children
A Prayer For Our Children A tiny seed is planted, So fragile and so...
God Is Bigger!
This past weekend, I visited a cousin who lives about four hours away...
The Greatest Commandments
In my home state, it is against the law to start public schools before...
Roles Of Husbands And Wives
Lately, I've been reading or hearing a lot about the roles of...
My Friends Are Your Friends
I've been reading some wonderful comments on Women of Faith. That...
Don't Ever Say No To God-A Lesson In Pride
I'm putting this blog under humor because although this incident...
Sing Unto The Lord-Hymns
One of my earliest memories of attending church was sitting in a church...
Empty Nester
Today it is official. My husband and I are empty nesters. We've...
Take A Deep Breath, Count To Ten And Don't Think The Worst First
This blog could finds it's place in marriage, family,...
Logging Into Forums and Posting Comments Problem
Over the past couple of days, I've noticed that if I try to go on...
Lessons From The Animal Kingdom
In January of 2004, I had to put my nearly 18 year-old cat Philo to...
Who Or What Shall I Fear?
This past week, a tragedy occurred in my hometown. A bridge just a few...
Rainy Days and Nights
It's been raining all day. I'm writing with the window open so...
This Is Awesome!
Hi Everyone! I came upon this site last week. About two weeks ago, my...
A Love Note From God
I really believe it is important to look for fingerprints of God...