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Praise God! Amen!
Hey everyone, So the last time I wrote a blog I was finishing recounting my journey over the past few months which consisted of a lot of temptation and struggling in my relationship with God, but a lot of learning too. I just wanted to write a short...
The Challenge of Transparency Part 3. The Power of God
So as I said in my last blog, there was another lesson that I didn't have the space for, so, as promised, here is the final instalment of my blogs titled 'The Challenge of Transparency'. The final thing I have learned whilst on this...
The Challenge of Transparency Part 2. The Lessons I've Learned.
Firstly, thank you for the support and encouragement you have given me, it's highly appreciated. I hope in some way God can use it to help. Secondly, on with the main thing! To briefly recap, over the past few months I have been struggling with...
The Challenge of Transparency
Firstly, I am honestly privileged to have found such a website as this where we can all share together, so thank you for doing so. Secondly, this blog has been a long time coming. Before Christmas a fellow blogger (I apologise I cannot remember whom...
Keep Sight of your Master Keep sight of your Master, My heart
Keep sight of your Master, My heart, Your maker and your carer, Keep sight of your Master, My heart, No-one else is fairer He rushes close to see you again; His gifts you can't repay It's your joy to serve in His name, And meet Him everyday...
When Life Get's Busy: a Vision of God's Love
Do you ever spend a time around someone and yet feel like you haven't spent any quality time with them at all? Have you ever sat in a room with someone you're close to, and spent that time working on a project, or messaging someone, or just...
Jonah's Reluctance. God's Mercy. Our Responsibility.
I read an overview of the book of Jonah tonight which gave me a revelation;I justhad to write about it. I'd always wondered how Jonah could be so upset at the love of God, at His mercy, so as to run in the opposite direction, delay his calling...