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Mt. 27 51b-54 went into the holy city and appeared to many.
This bit of text got me in a bit of trouble with one educated gent. Mostly the part in bold. And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and gave up his spirit. And behold, the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom, and the earth...
About the author of the Bible, thou it may not seem like it.
  This photo is a young man called Artemidoros, who died in the second century CE. Photo: The trustees of the British Museum. From an article in The New States Man called Sex and death in the classical world. Short quote: His mummy is a wonderful...
Relaxing don't bother me, please.
It just sits there. Hasn't moved, probably want till I move it. But I haven't. Three days it has been there, maybe three weeks, maybe always, same place, on my desk. I work around it, ignore it, forget about it then remember. Like now. I have...
Remembering when my theology was simple this Easter.
Preparing for Easter I found myself remembering my simple understanding of faith in Christ as a young man. This came about because I was pondering Jesus as human and the act of God raising Jesus from the grave. You see I had nothing, owned nothing,...
Two things the demons called Jesus.
One is different from the others.   Have you ever titled a blog then pull up your notes to begin writing and, wham, subject change. That has happened on this blog. Now I sit working out how to include both subjects into one blog. (I may use this...
One early morning a lesson to a young believer.
AWAKE! That is how I felt and thought as a young man in my first days knowing Jesus.   I can not and will not talk of all my early lessons walking with the Holy Spirit as a Teacher and guide in those young days. I did not come here to talk about me...
I travel the Highways and byways.
   For nothing more than a hand clap, do you know who this picture represents? Hint: Judges 2:13. Some very bad theology is around because of this gal. We always have to be on our toes and thinking or we may be replacing what we didn't mean too....
A few thoughts on John chapter 6 I am the bread of life.
Okay, a subject keeps popping up (not here, I thought I would share it here.), John chapter 6:22-63 The Bread of Life .                                                                                        This passage is often associated with Mat,...
I have to share thoughts on 1Cor. 10
  Bible Study is more than just reading. At the least it is reading well. At the most it takes a lot of work and good thinking. Separate any single verse from its content is often problematic. We all do it; we've all heard and likely quote one....
Two words to think about.
(On my phone, nothing fancy and hopefully few mistakes.) Listening to a talk from a Professor yesterday he suggested trying something with two words in scripture when we come across them. NT the word 'work' for 'merit' as in vs. 3:28...
Old Habits - some good some maybe not so good.
Well the first old habit I share is doing this again. Writing a blog on this site. The good or bad of that is for you to decide.   I have always found it strange how easy it is to have a 'bad' habit and how it seems work to do a 'good'...