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Wassup ChristianBlog and everyone reading this! I'm excited to contribute who i am to the world. I get to leave a digital fingerprint on the web for anyone who may stumble upon my blog in the present and also after i'm long gone. My name is... read more
411 words · ~1 minute to read · published Apr 18, 2018
So i think one of my friends got offended. I'm pretty much a straightforward guy and if I say something that can come off offensive I try to season it with grace. I also understand that you don't have to say everything you're thinking... read more
346 words · ~1 minute to read · published Apr 19, 2018
There's this feeling of "freedom" that I feel when I'm single. I mean, I'd rather be in a relationship, but being single has it's pros. I can spend time as I please with whoever, talk to whoever, and not have to answer to a... read more
399 words · ~1 minute to read · published Apr 20, 2018
I NEVER want anyone to feel as though I'm better than them. I couldn t relinquish the right to relate towards those that are unsaved because of loftiness of mind. I'm a competitive person but I'm never in competition when it comes to... read more
757 words · ~3 minutes to read · published Apr 23, 2018
Church was a blessing today and my brother in Christ who has helped me in times of discouragement came to my mind. This is to him: Man, I miss you in Church bra. I love meeting up with you once a week talking about the good things the Lord has done... read more
559 words · ~2 minutes to read · published Apr 24, 2018
I like watching movies but I'm also very critical. I mean, I feel that every movie deserves a chance, but more often than not I find myself disappointed, promising myself not watch it again. I like good, thoughtprovoking movies, I dont mind a... read more
951 words · ~4 minutes to read · published Apr 26, 2018
I'm a sports head. I'm into basketball especially. If i had the chance to commentate on any sport, then basketball would be my sport. Now I'm not Stuart Scott (RIP) or Michael Wilbon, but I can hang in there tough when a conversation... read more
454 words · ~1 minute to read · published May 04, 2018
I do not have a liking towards cliche phrases. In fact I can't stand them at all. Sometimes I use them without even noticing but most of the time I catch myself. "Keep your head up" or '' It is what it is'' are at the top... read more
396 words · ~1 minute to read · published May 08, 2018
I've watched a lot a preacers on TV and from my experience, a lot of them are phony. I'm not saying that all of them are phony but a good majority of them are. If one is newborn Christian or even an unbeliever, it is very hard to spot the... read more
556 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 08, 2018
A little over 3 years ago I was in a bad state spiritually.( I'll explain that in another post) Well I had ended up running into a friend from high school that I used to go out with. We started talking on the phone a lot catching each other up and... read more
915 words · ~3 minutes to read · published May 15, 2018
I never really thought about blogging until recently and by recently I mean about 6 months ago. I really didn't do much research on how it's done or really how people can benefit from blogging. I simply just wanted my voice to be heard. I felt... read more
657 words · ~2 minutes to read · published May 29, 2018