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Gods word to his people
God gave me this message earlier today but I have sat on it as I did...
Gods prophetic Message to his People
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Are we part of Gods End Time Gathering?
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How do we Grow in Faith?
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Powerful and Effective Prayer
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Can my fellow bloggers stand with me in prayer
I have just been told that my place of work is closing at the end of...
Gods call to my fellow Bloggers
As I was praying the Lord compelled me to write the following. This I...
Armour of God -conclusion
Finally we come to the last piece of armour Next; “take the sword...
Can your Faith Survive in these Last Days?
Can your Faith Survive these Last days? This is an important question....
Armour of God part 5 The Devils Arrows
We continue our study on the Armour of God - the last study we looked...
Gods call to his people in these Last Days
The shepherd is coming rejoicing to gather his lambs into his arms and...
Armour of God cont.part 4 Shield of Faith
Next we must – “hold up the shield of faith to stop the...
The Bridegroom comes - a word of encouragement
As I was praying and waiting on the Lord the following words came to me...
Armour of God cont.
Previously we have spoken of the need to Put on the armour as a...
God is raising up a Remnant
We read in Isaiah 61 these words – “1 The Spirit of the...
Armour of God part 2 - Belt of Truth
Previously we introduced the truth of thr armour of God where we spoke...
The Armour of God - a study
The Armour of God in these Last days Ephesians 6 I would like to...
The Fatherhood of God in these Last days part 1
In these last days God is calling his family to himself and in doing so...