A Time Of Worship

Don't know about any of you, but there are some days when it is impossible for me to get anything done. Not because I choose to be lazy, not because I just want to have fun, not because of the interruptions of life. There are just some days He calls me to do nothing but worship and praise Him. And, I'm more than happy to oblige! Especially when it's just me and Him, above and beyond church. It is like there is something so special when you feel Him calling you to lift your praises with undivided attention. So, if you feel it, take the phone off the hook and have at it! Everything else can wait! Many days start with a song on my mind that ends up being one I hum all day long. Isn't it wonderful how He gives you a particular song that literally gets you through the day? Only He can chose the perfect one for the events that are going to transpire within that day. Didn't want to overload with everything from today. Just wanted to give you a sample of what touched my heart today during my time with Him. The worship is for Him, but He truly touches us during our praises to Him. Found these on YouTube of some of the music that ministered to me today.[spacer] May it be a blessing to you! Milt, if you read this one, the first is a real 'toe tapper' [spacer] ;) [spacer] Better have your speakers turned up and be standing and ready to give Him the praise due on the first one. [spacer]Hope you enjoy and be blessed! [spacer]:) For it is through Him we are truly free It is because of Him that we dare to believe We can only live in His Hands, the nail scared hands of the greatest sacrifice for all He is Worthy and Holy


My dear... ... How did you know I would drop by? God took me on a perfectly innocent drive and here I am just about unable to keep the Toyota on the road... for my toe tapping; Talk about unitended accelleration... . such as that cannot be recalled. I even had to turn off my classical stuff; Vivaldi, eat your heart out! Thank you, this is fun. milt

Ted Foy @following ·

What a bessing this blog was to me...thanks for sharing.


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