Brownies...With or Without?

One of my favorite verses that should speak strongly in guiding our Christian life is Deuteronomy 30:19; €œ"I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life€€..." It doesn't get any plainer. Not only does God give us a multiple choice question. €He gives us the answer! Choose life. Wish some of my teachers way back there had been so kind! Upon reading this, my first thought was, why would there even be a choice? Why would anyone want to choose death? So what is this blessing and cursing business all about? Then I heard Joyce Meyer tell this story when I attended one of her conferences a number of years ago. There was a single father with teenage children that relocated to a new city for his work. The children were trying to settle into their new school environment and make new friends. There came a time when they brought a few of these friends home from school to introduce them to their Dad. Being a Christian family, it was important to him that they chose friends wisely. He had instilled Godly wisdom and they were honorable young people. One afternoon, at home with their friends, they very excitedly asked Dad if they could go see a movie with their friends over the weekend. "It's rated PG-13 Dad, and ALL the kids at school say it's awesome! Please can we go?€" After a few minutes Dad asked, "€œPG-13? That's the one that can have strong theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, or language, right?€ " "€œYea, but they say's it only a VERY little bit. No big deal.€" As they begged on, Dad said he would think on it and would give them an answer the next day. The next afternoon they came home with their friends in great anticipation. Only to find a large pan of warm brownies on the kitchen table with a note "€œEnjoy!€" Everyone thought the €˜new kids had an awesome Dad and they agreed. Just as they had their brownies prone to bite, Dad walked into the kitchen "€œWait! I have something to share with you before you take a bite!"€ He continuted, "You know we have Fido in the back yard?" "Yea?" his kids answered. €" Well, I cleaned up after Fido and put just a teaspoon in the brownies. It's only a VERY little bit. No big deal. You won't even be able to tell! Enjoy!€", as he walked out of the kitchen. Gross as it is, it is one whale of a reminder - €do we want our brownies with or without? What little bit has become no big deal that could interfere with the right choice in the multiple choice question? Society has found ways to serve us brownies in all kinds of flavors€ and we just accept it as the €˜norm' now. Our society has become so desensitized that the €œvery little bit€ was lost years ago. Perhaps we need to go back to basics. ANY choice we make in our every day life that does not point back favorably to God's Word and His Will leads to death. Associate this question I heard years ago into your choices, €œ'Are there any times that you would not want to have or take Jesus with you?€' Your answer will lead you to your choice in the multiple choice question.

Ted Foy @following ·

Amen, Amen and AMEN!!!! Wonder illustration. Thanks so much for sharing this.


Andrew Luckhaupt @luckyone ·

I will use this. My 10 yr old has not gotten to the point of justifying yet. I am sure it is coming though.

Thank you!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Excellent blog! A little leaven...


Cindy Thurmond @jugglingmom ·

Love it, I have two teenage daughters, and I think they will be hearing this story, [i]real soon[/i].

Bill Sorensen @billansor ·

Sometimes we need the reminders of the brown stuff in our lives... ...

Some people may argue from time to time about brown stuff and what is it???

Best definition of brown stuff... . Would you be happy to make it a present and show Jesus??

Excellent presentation... ... and excellent food for thoughts...


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