Dance of the India/Pakistan Peacocks

Really! This isn't a joke. In a way I wish it were. However, it does look like a joke... If anybody can figure out the point of this, it would sure be nice to hear. Aren't we glad Canada and the U.S. doesn't have a border show like this? Or better yet, California with it's neighboring states! Yet, I was a little upset after buying huge bags of Bing and Ranier cherries in Oregon then having to hand them over at the California border :( Living out there as a child, my taste buds had been salivating the whole trip just thinking about those fresh from the orchards! The border guard told me that there was a concern of a potential larvae they were trying to prevent from being brought into the state of California. (Sorry, I think they are too late! HA!) No offense to you Californians! ;) My brother lives there I have to admit, my stomach was feeling a little queasy as I drove through the border station as I thought about the more than half bags of cherries I had enjoyed driving down the Oregon coast! Actually, I think the guards might have been hungry and wanted the rest of my cherries for lunch! At least that's what I kept telling myself. Anyway, this is pretty wild. Just shows what goes on around the rest of the world. Next to this and the Beefeaters in London...immigrants must think we are a very boring place, eh?


Just be careful of the Oregon prunes there is no warning label. They are just as good. milt

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