Dream Interpreation Anyone?

I look forward to hearing what the LORD gives you as interpretation for a dream such as this. A grandmother was walking down the street with her grandson of about 4-5 years old. When the young lad, expressed that he was hungry, the grandmother noticed a restaurant just ahead. The town and facility was not a familiar place. So when they walked hand in hand into the eating establishment, it was obvious they had just had a lunch rush or someone wasn't diligent at getting the tables cleaned off. The grandmother noticing all the tables had the plates and glasses left on them from this lunch hour rush, she noticed there were a few steps up to another level. Perhaps a short 3 steps. With grandson in tow, there was a window that the kitchen could be viewed as they walked up the steps to the next level to look for seating. The kitchen was clean and everyone was wearing the typical white pants, shirts, aprons and hats. Even though it seemed like there had been a lunch rush hour, it was clear their clothes and kitchen was immaculate. As everything in the kitchen area was white or stainless steel, it was astonishing how clean everything looked. The grandmother was wondering how it could look so immaculate in the kitchen yet the tables had not been cleaned off. With they place obviously having been full, it didn't seem logical the kitchen would be so clean as if no food had been prepared there. When the grandmother looked around on the upper level, it was obvious there were no clean tables on that level either. So walking back down to the entry level with intention of leaving as there appeared to not be any tables ready to serve them, she was ready to leave the restaurant. Suddenly a gentleman from the kitchen showed up and begged them to stay and be seated. Still in his perfectly white clothes and no stains on his apron, he immediately started cleaning off a table for them. The grandmother and grandson sat and was given an apology for the disarray. The gentleman thanked them for staying and promised they would not be disappointed. The grandmother felt a genuiness in his words. The scene fades...

Ted Foy @following ·

I don't know if what I would attempt to say here would be right or not, but I will share what came to my mind while reading it.

The people in the kitchen were like the Christians in Church who are taking care of themselves and the church, burt have forgotten to go out and serve the people who need to hear the gospel and we wait and almost have to be bothered by one coming in to actually serve them and then we rush to serve this one that came in, but what if they had made it back out the door before we noticed.

What impression would the world have except that we were self righteous in taking care of our own and preaching good things but not really doing them, not really serving the tables of the world like we should. God forgive us for our apathy towards You.

I may be wrong, but that it what came to my mind.



Billy Beard @billyb ·

No one is serving, perhaps? Or, very few?

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