Leroy and His Healing

Anyone that is in need of prayer, please come forward to the altar, the Preacher says. Leroy gets in line, and when it's his turn, the Preacher asks, [spacer]"Leroy, what do you want me to pray about for you today?" Leroy replies[spacer] "Preacher, I need you to pray for help with my hearing." The preacher puts one finger in Leroy's ear, and he places the other hand on top of Leroy's head and prays and prays and prays. [spacer]He prays a blue streak for Leroy and the whole congregation joins in with enthusiasm. After a few minutes, the Preacher removes his hands, stands back and asks," Leroy, how is your hearing now?" Leroy says, "I don't know, Reverend. It ain't 'til next Wednesday." Sorry, hope this isn't sacrilegious, but thought it was funny and we can all use a good laugh from time to time...makes ya wonder if it didn't really happen though, doesn't it?!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

HAHAHAHAHA ohhh now this is funny. :clap: :clap:
But please in future, let me know its gonna make me laugh, because choking on coffee and laughing is not a good look, especially first thing in the morning. :doh:

And we should all laugh more. Sometimes I really believe that our churches would have us sitting on spikes to ensure we dont smile, dont giggle and most definitly dont laugh . :eek:

thanks for the giggle..

btw.. going off now to clean the coffee off the laptop.


Billy Beard @billyb ·

You are right, I needed this laugh! But, I admit, I am worried I may have been one of those praying. Thank You!! God Bless, billy

Bill Sorensen @billansor ·


Your humor is starting to come through a bit more...



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