Out of the Mouth of Babes!

Perhaps I should have titled this 'Living Proof that God speaks to His children today!' I am so much amazed and in awe of how God works when He has something He wants to say, that I hardly know how to begin this. So here goes€ We personally know someone that has come out of a long history of living as a backslider. Over the past 5 years they have made leaps in gaining their foothold and standing against the wiles of the enemy. Unlike someone who never knew the LORD as Savior, perhaps that plays a part in what this person is going through now. They are being bombarded by the devil with condemnation about their past and the consequences. Of course, they know what the Word says about condemnation and have been ministered to about forgiving themselves. But the devil is having a hay day in that the person is having a very difficult time forgiving themselves because the enemy keeps throwing things out as reminders. The things they wish they had done differently and the things they knew they shouldn't have done. Sure sounds like Paul, but these are deep embedded sins this person is being tormented with versus what Paul was probably speaking about. The sin of a lie is no greater or weaker than the sin of murder in the eyes of God. However, we think of murder as far greater than a lie for obvious reasons. Not that this person has committed murder. However, immorality creates its own death in many different areas. So, what this person is going through is probably nothing different than anyone else in a similar situation might have or is going through. My 4 year old grandson knows of this person. Yet, he has NEVER heard ANY of the conversations or ministering with this person about working through their issue of self condemnation. Certainly not a conversation for a child! So, today my grandson and I were talking with this person in general conversation. Out of no where my grandson puts his hands together like he is praying. Looks up at the person and with sincere enthusiasm says, "I want to tell you something important. God says He forgives you and that He loves you!" Needless to say, there were some moments of silence and looks of shock! You can imagine my first thought was the person might think I had talked about their situation and perhaps the child had overheard! Then I thought, WAIT A MINUTE! What part of condemnation, immorality and consequences would a 4 year old understand anyway? When I looked into the face of that person, somehow I knew that's exactly what they were thinking. And, that's when it happened. The tears welt up in their eyes as they knew this Word had to have come from the LORD. My thoughts went to what Jesus said to the chief priests and scribes in Matthew 21:16 "€ Have you never read, €˜Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise' ?" Out of the mouth of babes for certain!! I had been living proof of that this day. THANK YOU DEAR JESUS!!!! Perhaps what adults could not break through for this person, God used the innocence of a child! A child that had no idea the impact of being obedient. My prayer to you, if you happen to be one of those that the devil is filling your mind and heart with lies of condemnation, remember His powerful words of forgiveness through a child, €œGod says He forgives you and that He loves you!€ For if your Father in Heaven forgives you, He knows your heart. Now, He wants you to use your pure heart to give Him perfected praise as one of those innocent babes. Amen!

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

Amen! If we only could be like young children. God loves us so much and He wants us to love Him. Our relationship with our Triune God would be much simpler if we were like little children. We could hear His voice speaking to us much clearer. Awesome experience for all. Thanks for this blog.


Children are precious jewels. Uncut diamonds who can shine forth with brilliance.

Thanks for sharing your experience 2G. Wonderful are the ways of God - His love reaches us in the most unexpected ways.


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Hallelujah! What a wonderful blessing for you to bear witness to that amazing move of God! I pray that the seed planted by your grandchild will bear much fruit.


Maggie Mcconnell @currencyofgrace ·

Wow, this is amazing. You know what I love most about this is that kids are brutally honest. I know everyone has been out in public and either had their child or heard another child say something about someone else in front of them. (Of course embarassed the parent rushes out the door with their kid) But the point is children say what is on their mind. So to have God speak through a child is just fantastic. With an adult it is easy to think "well they are suppose to say that to me, or they are just trying to make me feel better". But you can be sure a child is being "brutally honest".

Thanks for sharing this.



Yes, I often think of the young only in age but not in wisdom who have Gods voice for the generations. I think of Mozart, Beathoven. Arkiane, the artist prodigy. In this He speaks even more profoundly than you and I. Thank you so much for calling this up. milt

Ted Foy @following ·

Oh Praise You Lord Jesus! Father God we thank You for this Awesome reminder that You are still on your throne and we need to continue having faith in you. Forgive us Father that in order to do a miracle in our world today, You have to use a child becasue all of us grown ups seem to have lost that unfailing faith that children have. Forgive us of our apathy, Father and may everyone who reads this learn to trust You and have true faith in you. We praise You oh God and Worship You this day, for You are mighty and wonderful, You are the creator of heaven and earth, of course you can speak to us, even through a child. We love You and Praise You, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Many blessings and thanks for sharing this miracle,

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Well, I know I commented . Forgot to punch 'publish' I guess:eek:. If one wants an honest opinion, that is where they will find it! Thanks, billy

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