The Garbage Dump At The Foot Of The Cross

FYI - €“ 200 words of this blog are the lyrics to the song that is attached - The garbage dump at the foot of the cross... not a very pretty picture is it?! Coming up the to time of year when the world celebrates what represents Christ's death and resurrection, is something that is very emotional to many of us. [spacer] We have all read many versions of the horrors He endured for the sake of us sinners. [spacer] As horrid as the scene may have been, probably the most realistic was the scene of Christ's torture and death in the movie €œThe Passion€. [spacer] For if we weren't actually there, we cannot begin to fathom the agony and suffering He endured. [spacer] Yet, He knew! He knew what torment and mockery He would be put through. This is one of the two €˜holidays' that brings people to church that don't ordinarily attend. [spacer] My pastor calls these, €œHoHop€ Christians. [spacer] They attend on Christmas and Easter €“ Ho Hop €“ get it? [spacer] Yet, it makes me wonder why do they really even bother coming those times and not others.[spacer] Is the because they get to sport fancy new hats, dresses and suits? [spacer] Is it because of the plays that are performed. [spacer] Is it part of the €˜feeling' the spirit of the holiday? Today, I had the privilege of reading about another concept of Christ's death. [spacer] It became very clear when reading the blog Garbage Pam Sauer (@pamsauer) here on Christian Blog. [spacer] It spoke volumes to me and I pray it would to you as well. In her experiences on a recent mission trip, she described the worst of the worst; the filth of debris we humans litter our highways with and not even have a second thought about it. [spacer] She related that to our spiritual lives. How we need to rid ourselves of this €˜spiritual garbage'. It brought to my attention how many of us allow filth and debris into our lives... and not even give it a second thought either! [spacer] For some of those that litter the highways since the day fines were imposed, they get sneaky. [spacer] Before we throw it out the window of a speeding vehicle, we look around to make sure no one is looking. [spacer] We bring sin into our lives the same way! We've heard of gross experiences that calls for law officials or others to comb through piles and piles of garbage looking for criminal evidence. [spacer] When we allow ourselves to be pulled back into the arena of the boxing world of sin, we are no different. [spacer] It must look to God that we are combing back through our garbage looking for something we think we lost or that we need. [spacer] All that is there really are the bones of death. [spacer] Once we accept Christ as LORD and Savior, our garbage is to be as far as the east is from the west. When Christ hung on that cross at Golgotha, was He looking down at that garbage heap at the foot of that cross? [spacer] If we think our local dumps look atrocious, that garbage must have looked insurmountable!!! [spacer] Yet, He climbed to the very top for you and me! Need some inspiration to take your last load of garbage to the dump and leave it there? [spacer] Don't keep taking Jesus to the dump with you each and every trip! Watch this impactive video and witness the clean spirit and bright smiles on their faces. [spacer] Remember what it felt like when you got rid of your garbage the very first time? Remember! [spacer] And stop trying to retrieve it! Verse 1 Today I found myself, After searching all these years, And the man that I saw, He wasn't at all who I'd thought He'd be, I was lost when You found me here, And I was broken beyond You sang Your song over me Chorus 1 It feels like I'm born again It feels like I'm living For the very first time For the very first time, In my life Verse 2 Make a promise to me now, Reassure my heart somehow, That the love that I feel, is so much more real than anything I've a feeling in my soul, And I pray that I'm not wrong, That the life I have now, It is only the beginning Chorus 2 It feels like I'm born again It feels like I'm living For the very first time For the very first time It feels like I'm breathing It feels like I'm moving For the very first time For the very first time Bridge I wasn't looking for something that was more, Than what I had yesterday, Then You came to me, Then You gave to me, Life and a love that I've never known, That I've never felt before

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


We no only need to rid ourselves of all the "garbage", but in our outreach help others get rid of theirs as well. We have to get our hands dirty!

Shalom, Art

Ted Foy @following ·

I have to say that there is so much truth in this one blog that it hurts,:cry: for I have been a "trash digger" and stand in awe at the awesome God we serve.

I also was at one time in my life a "C and E person"/"HoHop". I know first hand why a person goes on those two holidays and then ignores Him the rest of the year.

Thanks for sharing,

Lorna Ilo @fallingintoyou ·

Thank you! this is beautiful and encouraging. love the music and love your posting.

Bill Sorensen @billansor ·

We each have garbage... our own collection...

It is said that a person knows what you do through what kind of garbage you throw away... .

Do we then, Look into our "garbage can" and not give Thanks to Jesus for removing the filth as if it never existed...

Wow... We take Jesus for granted way too easily ... ..

Thank you Anita for sharing...


Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

Great Blog! I can't wait unitl our Lord no longer has to carry our trash away. It won't be long until that evil trash provider won't be around, and we will finally get to see the world the way He always wanted.

Praise God,

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