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Perhaps you folks that have been around on Christian Blog for a few years have witnessed this before. [spacer] But being a relatively new member since only December 2009, I have been absolutely astonished and amazed at the world wide youth that are now joining CB! What's even more astounding are the words of wisdom they are sharing with us!!![spacer] Even as a '€˜mature' person in years and might consider myself a '€˜mature' Christian, as I don't think I'm still on milk; it is such a blessing to see how the LORD is working in their lives. I am in tears of joy as I write this realizing how God is working in our €˜youth of today.[spacer] If you are a €˜youth and reading this, please don't be offended by being called a €˜youth (smile) It is merely when you reach your €˜middle ages, I don't believe youth possibly grasp what a joy it is to see how God is working in their lives. [spacer] It is recorded that most world €˜Revivals were started by €˜youth. God is certainly up to something! [spacer]Praise you LORD! [spacer]And, in this world of horrendous disaster, joblessness, high cost of living, government spending, loss of many dreams, economic upheaval, etc; we must see it for the positive it is. €HE IS MOVING !! Here is a small list of those 'youth' here on CB sharing their loves, their fears, their hurts, their pains, their joys, their growing and mostly their hearts. [spacer] Please forgive me if you read this and your name is not on the list, for I have not yet come to know you...€operative word - €“ yet :) Let me know and I'll be more than happy to add your name, please. If the term €˜youth offends you, then perhaps I'll use another. It is my prayer that everyone of us on CB reach out and support all those in their €˜formative years. :) The most recent 'must' read is by newest member mosesbagonza - €œ"The principle of humble beginnings€" As I mentioned, here are a few to follow and support with words of encouragement and exhortation! May you all bless God as you continue to bring His Joy and Peace to the Nations! whobelieve shanijane ladyvogue currencyofgrace rajks97 skilletforchrist purifymyheart alyssa09 cowgirldiva childofjesus lostbylove luximilitus

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Why am I not on that list? :(

Someone very wise once told me that age was only a state of mind.. and my mind is permanently fixed at 7 1/2

But yes I know what you mean about the wisdom of the young. I love how they are so willing to share their faith, and how they are able to teach me every time I speak with them.

1 Timothy 4:12 tells us,,,Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the belivers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity." :)

I think that the younger generation here do that terribly well. i pray that they continue on the path they have so wonderfully started down with blessings and continued wisdom and strength.


Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

2G, Beth, Amen to you both. I see the same thing, not only here, but in my community as well.

In my church, a very significant group of tens will be leaving on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Another group, unable to go on that trip, will be doing similar work in a depressed community nearby. Both will be giving up their spring breaks for this service to God. And about half of these are seniors who could be going to San Padre or Daytona Beach!

I recently wrote about a young man named Matt. At 23 and fighting alcoholism he's returned to church after a year's absence... with a great deal more maturity than he demonstrated before.

When we look around us in the world, we see so much evil. We can rejoice in the knowledge that an informed, dedicated new generation of of faithful servants stand ready to do God's work!


Shalom, Art

ahh, an added note... height does not place one in the category of "youth" unnamed sister!

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

as the age of 50 is coming up in my rear view mirror, i thank god for my 5 senses and that they keep me with a young perspective on life. reminds me of a song we sang in church last sunday about laughter for the soul. and yes i still have my"original teeth and eat "applesauce lol. be blessed and thank you for the encouragement


Hi 2G.. thanks for sharing your observation. Yes, in fact I started on a blog
two days ago to address your observation about growing from childhood to adulthood and was wondering
if it would bless not only the youth but many others - just did not feel it is complete yet for posting.

Please add luximilitus to your list. He is being used of the Lord to bless all those around as he shares how he is overcoming with his Jesusfreak blogs.

May the Lord protect all the youth here.. yes we have a new generation here at CB. May the Lord grow them to spiritual heights and keep them singing as they go.
They will surely impact their generation as they follow the Lord closely and hide God's Word in their hearts
and always not forget to wear the armour of God.

Sent on wings of daily prayer


Ted Foy @following ·

:clap:Excellent message :clap:and I say Amen to it!

Makes you think of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, doesn't?:question:

:dance: Wonderful to see God moving all around us! :dance:


Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

Great blog, Anita :flower: ... I too count it a blessing to see so many new youngsters, and to be able to share just a little in their spiritual development. -Although, I too will also admit that there are times that with their "young" eyes they have given me insights into things I have not even seen with these "new eyes"!

Everyone should do what they can to support our "youngsters" here and in our communities! :dance:

God Bless! :pray:


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Hmm... Shani and Diva both insist I am only 21 yet I am not on that list... LOL! :princess:

Actually, I go to a rather young church. I am one of the more "elderly" members although I am not the only one. I have been and continue to be blown away by the amazing young people within the Body of Christ.


K :princess:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

ohh anita! thanks for this blog. I love seeing how God works in peoples lives!! being young doesnt put as at disadvantage.. some of the worlds greatest history makers were young when they changed the world. Joan of Arc for example. Amazing woman who went into battle at the age of 15. she is my fave woman. God used young people for all sorts of things throughout the bible

(1) "Young Helper of God" - Exodus 2:7

This is about the story of Moses young sister, whose name was Miriam. God used Miriam to see Moses safely into the arms of Pharoah's daughter when he was baby.

(2) "Young Messenger of God" - 2 Kings 5:2-3

God used a very young girl to proclaim that He was a healer. Another great man was helped because God used a "little maid girl". God used this young girl to set His plan to bring a great man to know the true and living God.

(3) "Young Warrior of God" - 1 Samuel 17:33

This is the all familiar story of David a young boy who went against and defeated a giant named Goliath, of whom everyone else was afraid.

(4) "Young Prophet of God" - Jeremiah 1:4-8

God called Jeremiah at a very young age. God also encouraged Jeremiah not to be afraid, because he was with him though he was young.

(5) "Young Advocate of God" - Job 32:6-7

Elihu though a young man, was amazingly strong and confident in his approach to Job while Job was suffering. His words to Job were powerful and full of wisdom.

And i guess, i cant leave out my main man. Jesus himself was very young and still living with His parents when he began to speak with the elders in the temple: Luke 2:41-49

this is one of the youth conferences i went to last year. love the song.
" we are young and free, we live for one thing, Our lives are for Your kingdom, its all or nothing"

Anita Sorensen @2gvhmpraz ·

Hallelujah!!! Shani, as usual, you never cease to amaze me!! I love your Spirit girl!

What an awesome event you got to attend, eh? And the lead singer is sure a cutie :)

God bless you my dear! And am forever grateful for your reading, commenting and adding such wonderful additions to the blog!

Bill Sorensen @billansor ·

Would we never lose the sight, the width and depth of those who believe with the child like faith THAT God will move mountains for those who call His name.

The miracles that Jesus said that would follow those who follow Him and do His will of the Father.

Jesus said; Suffer not the little ones to come to me... May the little ones who come, lead us to Him

Thank you for sharing your observations, your acknowledgment of those who are setting the path before us and leading others to having peace with God.

Continue with observing how God is using people today... . You are a blessing...


Marjorie Albertson @marjorie ·

Godly young people add such spice to life. Wish our church had more. Even when the economy's good it's tough finding jobs out here, & lots of young folks move away. God lbless them wherever they may be.

Thanks for the blog, -shalom from Marjorie

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Oh, I hope your church gets more young people. I am one of the more "elderly members" at our church. Most of the people who attend are under 35. We have lots of young families and teens and they are such a blessing!

K :princess:

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Yes, you are right.:wink: I am actually quite amazed at some of the bloggers here. I did read Mosesebagonza's blog before and was taken back at his maturity, then I checked his age and he is only 22. Amazing for a young man with such knowledge and insight.

Another one that I follow closely is childofjesus. So touching, so pure and so true. That is all I can say about her poems. Very marvellous.:flower:

The others I wll find time to read them and I look forward to more pleasant surprises. May the Lord continue to bless and raise more young peoples. How I wish when I was young, I have their zeal, maturity and their deep love for God.

Our God is wonderful, He also meets the hunger of so many young peoples and show them so much truth and so much relevation. PTL.

Blessings always,

From Silverpen


:eek: I didn't see this until now! Thank you so much! It is such a great feeling to come to a place where I am accepted and not looked down upon because of how young I am. I too am amazed at the "young people" here! Praise God!


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