18,000 Blogs and Going Strong!

Hey Everybody,

Today we are going to be having the 18,000th blog posted here at ChristianBlog.Com (this blog is either going to be it, or one short, not sure) !!

I guess, technically speaking, we have had more than 18 thousand already posted, if you count the ones posted by people who have removed some of their blogs, or by people who have self-terminated their account or have gone bye-bye for some other reason.

But, according to the official counter at the bottom of the website we are at 18,000 blogs!

I do not know about all of you, but that is pretty freaking awesome to stop and think about !!

To stop and think...

18,000 blogs written by your average day Christians...

18,000 blogs written by people who have felt a desire to join a website and blog about their life and spiritual walk...

18,000 blogs intended to bless people!!

I cannot wait for that number to hit 25,000 - maybe by the end of 2010 -- How awesome would that be!!

Or better yet... lets see if we can get to 50,000 blogs by the end of 2010!!

As the owner of this amazing ministry/website... I only ask two things:

(1) Please keep supporting the ministry as much as you can so we can keep it going!

(2) Please keep blessing others and being blessed!

For Christ's Ministry,
John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


Well, I looked at the counter. It appears this blog was actually 18,001! You snooze you Lose!

This IS an amazing feat. And there is a new vitality here @ CB. We have a number of new members who have added so very much.

An we seem to have a new energy among those who have been here for a time, whether a few months or since the beginning. It's exciting and inspiring.

And it's happening not only in blog writing, but in comments, groups, prayer and the other areas available here @ CB.

John, you've provided a fantastic and ever improving platform here @ CB. It is truly unique on the Web. Thank you, my friend.

And to ALL of the active members and to regular visitors as well, a HUGE THANK YOU as well. The platform would not be successful without your support and contributions in all areas.

We are, as John has often stated, a community. We are the iron that sharpens iron. Amazing when you pause to think about it.

Now, what we must do (collectively) is to fill the plate so that this wonderful site can continue, not only where we are today, but to GROW to the Glory of Christ Jesus.

Shalom, Art

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

I will keep pushing to hit my goal of 1,000 blogs by sometime later this year if the Lord is willing. Thank you for sticking with this place and continually seeking to make it better and easier to navigate. Thank all of you for all the things you have written. Christian Blog is quickly turning into a library for Christian Blogs. How cool is that!

Thank you,

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

18,000 blogs! Congratulations CB! :dance:

Okay, while I may not make 1,000 blogs this year, perhaps I will next year... LOL! I mean, I have less than 400 to go now so it could happen... maybe...

I joined this site the summer of 2007. Oh how I have loved watching it grow! Yes, there are 18,000 blogs but I am also thinking about all the wonderful words of encouragement which have been posted. I am thinking about all the prayers which have gone up around the world for people here. I've been the recipient of some of them and I am very grateful. I am thinking of all the fun we have had, laughing together, sword fights in chat and just enjoying fellowship with one another.

Oh how I have loved doing life with people here at CB as we have done life with God!

Blessings and may there be many more blogs to come!

K :princess: