Daily Bible verses, tithing, and the three most important things!

https://www.flickr.com/photos/mtsofan/3396206919/This morning I opened the ChristianBlog.Com website and lo-and-behold there was noDaily Bible Verse displaying!

"Meh?" I asked myself.

Turns out, today is a leap day, and because there has not been a Feb 29th over the last three years we have had a daily bible verse, there was never one made for feb-29.

So I had the extremely rare chance to add one. The first time in at least three years I think.

In order to find a new Bible verse for today, I went meandering around the online Bible we have here at CB and came across Matthew 23:23:

"Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you take tithes of mint, dill, and cummin, and you have overlooked the more important matters of the law, such as justice, mercy, and trustworthiness. These were necessary for you to have done, and these very things by no means to have left undone." (peshitta)

I have been pondering a lot on an age old issue that many clergy/ministers are faced with, at some point other another in their life.

Should clergy/ministers tithe?

There are those who say "no" because it would be a 'tithe on a tithe' - that being, the clergy/minister is financially supported through the tithes to the church/ministry.

There are those who say "yes" because regardless of whether or not the funds have already been tithed on, all are suppose to tithe. But, are they? Some say that is not true.

In regards to the latter option, there are those who point out that those who have served the temples of God have never been asked to tithe of their tithe. At most, they were to tithe (sacrifice) a perfect yearling sheep/goat, but there is zero deference that the sacrificed lamb was suppose to come from the priests own herd. Chances are, very good chances, that the priests did not have a herd large enough, or even own one, and thus the lamb was provided to them as part of a tithe to either the priest or the temple. That said, all of this is, too, just speculation, the Holy Text never truly details this information.

Anyway, even after twenty years of studying this issue I am still at as much of a loss as I was when I started studying this issue. This is one of those areas where, as a elder in a church I once served at, use to say, "where the bible is quiet{about an issue}, it is meant to be". Sometimes all we can do is take what we do know, or what we do not know, and choose a path, and stay walking on that path until something reveals itself that we should take another path.

There are those, here at ChristianBlog.Com that have chosen to offer their tithe to the CB ministry. They are the "unchurch christians" (if we are still allowed to use that term in 2016) that feel blessed to give their tithe to the CB ministry as a result of their receiving and giving such a great deal of their life to the community, the ministry, that is ChristianBlog.Com

More and more Christians from around the world, that are bloggers at ChristianBlog.Com website, are not only being supportive by having a non-free account, but are giving above and beyond by giving by offering of their tithe to the ministry. This has had me pondering on whether or not I, and thereby CB, should start giving above-and-beyond too. Perhaps to a missionary abroad, or a missionary serving in a sub-poverty region of the USA (native american reservation, for example). Or, if that would fall into the "tithe on a tithe" aspect of things, and thereby be against the spirit of the tithe. Given the fact that I am now a minister living in sub-poverty, it further leads me to view all of this from a different perspective than in years past.

I suppose in the end, perhaps the bigger issue here is not whether or not I give of what little funds I do have, but rather if I enforce justice to those who it is warranted, and if I provide mercy in those times when mercy needs to be given instead of justice, and if, through those times when I have to make those decisions, if others view me as somebody who can be trustworthy in which direction I choose to go. "And take care of yourself, that you present yourself perfectly before God, a laborer without shame" - 2 Timothy 2:15 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)