God's Diversity of Creation

God's Diversity of Creation

The diversity of God's Creation is a truly amazing thing!

Take for example this photograph of a magnificent creation of God that is so amazingly well created it hardly even appears to be a living creature!

Jeremiah 10:12 - "It is He who made the earth by His power, who established the world by His wisdom, and by His understanding stretched out the heavens."

I am truly blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places within the borders of the United States of America. Every day I can look outside and see the truly amazing Redwood trees, many of which were alive when Christ Himself was walking the earth around Israel. It helps me remain constantly focused that God is a Creator who loves both beauty and diversity.

Sometimes, however, it is all to easy to slip away from that mentality and fall into the ways of men and begin to see other humans not as fellow humans, all created equally by a God who does not judge us based upon our diversity, but rather I begin to see them as people who are not like myself, or who do not believe the way I do, or who do not follow the same ethical rules that I do in life.

It is in those times that I have to depend upon my time spent with the Holy Spirit in prayer that I will be guided back to the truth that John 14:26 speaks of. It is in those times when I need Him to remind me that He created me - and that He created the other person as well - and that we were created equal and just in His sight.

If you find yourself constantly judging others for what they believe, for who they are, for how they are different from you - than I encourage you to seek out this truth. The truth that God is a Diverse God who has created a diversity within His plan of creation. It was not your decision of what people believe, of who they are, where they are from, or what they do. Seek Him to help you remain focused on His will for your own life, for your own believes, for your own values - and let Him decide how to work out those very same things in the lives of others.

John B. Abela

 John B. Abela
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I am impressed continually by the idea that here on earth we are in constant contact with opportunity to grow and learn. our relationships with those near and dear, as well as those we hardly know, give us tremendous potential for growth. whether it be in learning to rejoice in our diversity, minister in times of need, or simply exercise the basic care that we ourselves expect, we are truly in a time ripe to make good on the proverbs 27 concept of iron sharpening iron.
this life is the class room and we need to be willing and observant students in it!
thank you for the blessing of your wise reminder :)

D Kelley (@lineman)

Very good reminder John. What came to mind was the question of what exactly it is that God wants us all to be like? We are each very different, like what you are talking about here in this blog, but evidently we can be very unique, yet exactly alike.

We are to have the mind of Jesus, to love our Father as Jesus loves Him, and we are to love each other as Jesus loves us, but will our similarity end there?