Knowing where you are going

Ever been lost?

Every look down and wonder if you are going in the right direction?

Ever have that moment when you just stop and have a feeling the direction you are going is not the direction you should be going?

Ever have that instinctive feeling that something you have planned for later in the day, you should probably skip going too?

I am sure most of us know the Bible verse:

Not by power nor by might, but by my Spirit ~ Zechariah 4:6 (Peshitta)

I am sure that most of us, when we see and read that verse, think about being strong in the Lord.

But lately I have been wondering if that is just the first layer of that verse.

What if, if we are allowed to peel away a layer, to go a bit deeper, we start to think about how this verse is talking about trusting the Spirit.

While we should have trust in ourselves, what about if we are to place a greater power, a mighty power, in trusting the Spirit.

Maybe that hesitation about doing something, about going somewhere, about talking or not talking to somebody, is the might of the Spirit trying to lead you.

I know a pastor who likes to say "The Holy Spirit s a gentleman, He won't make you do something you do not want to do."

Perhaps in those times when we stop in our tracks, when we look down at our feet wondering if we are going in the right direction, it is the Spirit of God giving you pause.

Take a moment to listen and look around.

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 John B. Abela+ (@abelajohnb)

I am the owner of ChristianBlog and a believer in God's blessings!

I have been a minister for 20+ years and suppose I would describe myself as a literal messianic levitican.

I do not publish very many blogs as I tend to spend my time working on the CB website.

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K Reynolds+

I really like this blog, John. It is a very timely word for me at a moment. Thank you.


K :princess:

John Knox+

Well said :thumbs_up:


Barbra Lambert

John, This is a wonderful message and written in such excellent brevity...

... "it is the Spirit of God giving you pause"... I LOVE THIS!

Thank you!