Life in the Redwoods

I have been blessed to live in the Redwoods of Northern California for over twenty years.

I originate from the hot dry Mojave Desert of Southern California where it was C46°|F114° the day I moved.

Life in the Redwoods is typically a very calm life, with little of the hectic lifestyle that one deals with in places like Los Angeles and New York, both places I have been too and have no desire to return too.

Of course with this comes a few downsides such as being really far away from any major towns, many of the features and amenities that exist in big cities, slower internet, and periodic power outages.

One simply has to decide what they want in life.

A Life with Christ is the same way.

It can be as chaotic or as peaceful as you want.

It offers lifestyle choices that you might find good, and lifestyle choices that you might not like.

Over the course of almost my entire life that I have been a believer, and the last twenty years that I have been a minister, life has changed.

Sometimes the road is smooth and calm. Other times the road is rough and full of pits. Sometimes I make it into such ways and sometimes it just happens.

Regardless of what a person wants in and from life, from a relationship with Christ, be it a gun-ho lifestyle of always pushing the boundaries, or a rocking chair lifestyle, neither are bad nor worse than the other.

It is the relationship itself that matters, not what the activities are, or are not, during the course of the relationship.