Mobile Growth at ChristianBlog, 2018

It has been three years since I shared insights into how mobile growth here at ChristianBlog.Com has grown.

Back in 2015, the mobile growth was just beginning to overtake desktop usage, and now, in early 2018 with the proliferation of smartphones, mobile growth has far overtaken desktop usage.

Here are some stats:

In 2015 the mobile usage was 47%, the desktop usage was 43%, and the tablet usage was 10%.

In 2016 the mobile usage was 50%, the desktop usage was 40%, and the tablet usage was 10%.

In 2017 the mobile usage was 56%, the desktop usage was 35%, and the tablet usage was 9%.

In the first three months of 2018 mobile usage has been 58%, desktop usage is 34%, and tablet usage is at 8% - that is already another 2% increase, just in three months.

A number of years ago I started putting effort into making the website mobile friendly. It was a massive bit of work (over a year) but in the end, it has paid off.

The key moving forward is going to be continuing to make new features that are added to the ChristianBlog.Com website be as mobile friendly as possible, and investing the time into updating current parts of the website to be even more mobile friendly. The new Prayer Needs section of the website was 100% specifically designed to be as mobile friendly as possible. It loads quickly, fits into almost all smartphone browsers without horizontal scrolling, and does not have any fancy-dancy features that cause havoc on smartphones.

One question that I get asked is:

Is there going to be an iOS or Android app for ChristianBlog.Com?

The answer to that is, there probably will not be.

Because so much time and effort has been put into making the ChristianBlog.Com website mobile friendly, there is very little need to make a mobile "app". In fact, there is really only one reason that I can think of to justify making a mobile app: phone-based notification/alerts. And, that one feature alone just does not justify the expenses it would take to make a mobile app. Would it be nice to have one? Most certainly, but not at the expenses it would take, and given our continued successful growth with the mobile website, it is probably not justifiable.

When necessary, if things reach a point where we need to move outside the boundaries of the ChristianBlog.Com Service, such as with our recent transition away from our own in-house chatroom, and starting to use Discord, those decisions will be long thought out, well tested, and if everything makes sense, they will replace our current services. Sometimes, those changes just work out for the best. Time will tell, of course. Should the new Discord/chatroom not work out, it will be easy enough to shut it down and return to our own in-house chatroom.

So, as we move into the rest of 2018, I look forward to the continued efforts to make ChristianBlog.Com as mobile friendly as possible. By no means are there plans to abandon any focus on desktop users. I personally use my computer (desktop) for 99% of my time spent at the ChristianBlog.Com website, as many others do so as well, so the desktop part of the website will not be neglected, by any means.

Thanks, everybody, for your continued support of the ChristianBlog.Com ministry as we move further into 2018 - I truly could not continue to do this without the support of all of you.

+John Abela 
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

While it might not be a "real" app, it certainly looks and acts like an app on my iPhone. Long ago, I simply added the website to my home screen and I did the same with my iPad. Truthfully, I forget it is not an app. Due to your hard work, it pretty much looks and functions just like one on both of my devices. I can't speak for Android devices as I have none but it looks very good on iOS devices. If I didn't know better, I would say it is an app!

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

I hope this Discord does work out. Becaause I have Safari on my iPad, I can not accessss the chat in CB. Nor can I use the private chat feature. I can't change my iPad. I really hope discord works.


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