Patience in the midst of Chaos

There is something about the holiday seasons that seems to cause people to have elevated stress. Beyond the food, family, buying of gifts, and all of that stuff. It just seems as if people start getting all frazzled during the holidays.

Though all the music is of holiday cheer and happy times. Though at the heart of it all, at least what it is suppose to be, is the coming together of family and friends for a few days, or maybe just a few hours, spent together.

Perhaps is the travelling. Perhaps it is the fact that others around you are all in a state of high stress and chaos. Perhaps it is just the jolliness of the season. Perhaps, even, it is because you do not celebrate Christmas and it is just another day on a calendar for you and everybody around you is in the Christmas spirit - something that might be foreign in concept and nature to you. Perhaps you are just against anything religious, and to you, Christmas is religious.

Whatever the reason, from the least or to the greatest, in the midst of all the chaos, peace is found in patience.

While others on the road might be going psychotic, find some peace by taking a few deep breaths and finding a moment of patience for others. Let that obnoxious jerk pull in front of you on the off ramp. Focus out the person in line behind you that is driving you bats nuts crazy, do what it takes to find a zone of peace around you. If things get too bad at night after a long day in the office or out on the town, put on a jacket and gloves and go for a walk around the block in the cold night air.

Maybe you are going to be all alone this year. Whether it be because your family is not around, or because you have no family or loved ones. Maybe you are thousands of miles from home. Maybe you are about to loose your home because of a lost job. Or maybe you have the perfect life that you always wanted, but for whatever reason, now your life just seems to be something you no longer want.

Patience in the midst of chaos speaks of putting chaos into a box, doing whatever it takes to find some peace, and regaining the control of patience within your life.

It is with humility, gentleness, patience, and love that we find harmony and peace.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

> Peace is found in patience.

These are words of wisdom not just during this season but always.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

This short read has really focused my mind on slowing down and calming down.
In the United Kingdom the statistics show that dues to high stress more relationships break down at this time of year compared to any other. maybe we all ought to print off your blog and stick it to our front door.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

A good word

Beth M @blest ·

. Or maybe you have the perfect life that you always wanted, but for whatever reason, now your life just seems to be something you no longer want.

Had the perfect life. NAiled it.

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Good read.


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