The Lords Camp

The host of angels of the LORD encamps round about them that worship him, and delivers them. - Psalms 34:7 (peshitta)

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 John B. Abela+ (@abelajohnb)

I am the owner of ChristianBlog and a believer in God's blessings!

I have been a minister for 20+ years and suppose I would describe myself as a literal messianic levitican.

I do not publish very many blogs as I tend to spend my time working on the CB website.

The motto of ChristianBlog.Com is "A place to be blessed and to bless othersI" and I truly do hope that is something that applies to you!

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John Knox+

I like this - thanks

K Reynolds+

This is an excellent reminder.

Les B+

Agree with all said above. Amen.

Barbara Kankowske

Amen. What a joy and comfort. That word is also an offensive weapon against the enemies tide of fear!

Barbra Lambert

I love this, John; :angel: and it certainly is a blessing! Thank you so much! -enje