The road is out there somewhere!

Sometimes it can be hard to see where the road is.

You are driving down the road and it starts to rain - not just any rain, but really really raining kind of rain.

The kind of rain where all you want to do is get off the road and stop.

Unfortunately, you know that there are about a bazillion other people on the road, and they are either going to keep going as fast as they were - probably the case - or stop right in the middle of the road - which will probably result in the person behind them not slowing down crashing into the back of them.

But which decision do you make? Do you slow down just a little bit, do you make a complete stop and hope everybody else does too, or do you just keep moving forward and hope beyond hope that nobody in front of you has stopped in the middle of the road.

What is the old saying about there not being any good choice, because any choice is just going to result in problems.

Think you can trust God or the Holy Spirit in this situation?

What if you feel like the Holy Spirit is telling you to stop, but the car behind you, that also happens to have a believer behind the steering wheel, feels like the Holy Spirit is telling them to keep going.

Are one of you a heathen? Both? Neither?

Are one of you just hearing things in your head and the Holy Spirit has nothing at all to do with it?

Who really knows. You will never know. The other person will never know. Those around you will never know. Maybe, if such things even matter in the great beyond after life, the two of you will just know, somehow, I surely do not know how that will work - again, if such trivial things even take place after the pearly gates.

But what I am wondering here in this story is this:

Is the window of your own life something that you, and others, are able to see through or have you found yourself in a spot in life where the window is obscure and unknown?

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Thought provoking

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Has any one seen Steve Hurt?

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