jesus has overcome

JESUS Has Endured and OvercomeAll things and Can do All things

Main Scripture:Ephesians 1:21-NowHe is far above any ruler or authorityor poweror leader or anything else not only in This world butin the world to come.

Revelation 19:16 On His robe at His thigh was written this title: King of all Kings and Lordof Lords.

John 19:30 WhenJesus had tasted it, He said, It is finished. Then He bowed His headand released His spirit.

Mark 9:23 What do you mean, if I can? Jesusasked. Anything is possibleif a person believes

When Jesus said it is finished, He meant It! Sin is finished,Death is finished, Hell is finishedand all darkness is finished. There is a clear winner and His name isJESUS!These things have beencompletely destroyed!Jesus is the ultimate victor!

At this juncture, you might ask why people stilldie? Why are people still ruled by sin and evil and why is sickness, which Christ has overcomebecome so rampant.THEY DO NOT BELIEVE!Immediately,we believe, truly believe and have Faith in Christ Jesus, we too are victorious, that is we have overwhelming victory over all thingsbecause we choose to Believe!

Romans 8:37

No,despiteall these thingsoverwhelming victoryis ours,through Christ whoLoveus.

In Christ Jesus God has done everything for man including guaranteeinghim life eternal, thatis everlasting life with the entire host of heaven.Christ Jesus isGod's ultimateYES

2ndCorinthians 1:19

For JesusChrist, the Son of God does not waverbetweenYesandNo". He is the one whosilas, Timothyand I preached toyou and as Gods ultimateYES", He always does what He says.

  • Yes to men living and not dying being eternally lost

  • Yes to men being healed and whole and not suffering from sickness anddisease

  • Yes to men being delivered from thebondage of darkness, evil spiritsand wicked powers

  • Yesto sinand its evil priceofspiritual death and eternal separationfrom God himselfHell!

In Christ dyingagreat exchange was made for men.From death to life, from sickness to health, from poverty to wealth, from sin to holiness and righteousness. This is not just in theory. This isspiritual reality! This is the payment that was made for man withChrists blood. This is whyJESUSendured all thingsso men could experience freedom andvictory throughHim.


Christ redeemed us fromthe curse of the law bybecoming a curse for us, for it is written:Cursed is everyone who hung on a pole.

So make no mistake,ItsDONE!Make no mistake, It isFINISHED!JESUShasWONIt!JESUShasWONan eternal and everlastingvictory for all men!Not some, butALLmen those in the church and those in world.When Jesus rose on the third day, He rose with ALL power and authority Herose in AbsoluteVICTORY.Nothing is left on Gods end!God the Fathergave His bestJESUS! JESUSdid Hisbest when Heobediently went to the crossdied, was buried and rose again victorious on the third day.The Holy Spiritdoes His best to drawunbelievers and to guide thosealready in the Faith.

John 3:16

For God so loved the worldthat He gave His one and only son, that whoever believesshall not perish but have eternal life.

So,if God Almightyhas already doneALLwhatHe can andwill doformankind,whom HeLOVES dearly, whatis left?

What's left isBelieving!This is man'sjob orhispart. Men are toBELIEVE!Whatare they tobelieve? Jesus died for themand He is the only way to Heaven and the only one who forgivessins andconnectsus back to the Father.

We must believe that at the name ofJESUS everythingshould bow down in heavenand on the earth and under the earthEVERYTHING!Evil spirits,the worst diseases and illnesses.We must believe what Godsays about our total healingand believeWe Are Healed,WeAreDeliveredandWe are completelyset free.As we believe, all God paid for becomesREAL truly Realized in our lives.

  • We are Saved experience salvation and aresaved from eternal destruction

  • We are delivered-delivered fromALLthe power of the Enemy

  • Weare Healed Healed from all sicknesses, not somebutALL!

To placeany sickness or Evil power aboveJESUS and His eternal victory is to take away from what Christ has done, diminishing His power.But thisiswhatregularly occurs andthis is why people are sick andbound by sinthey don't believe!They don't believe thatJESUSis more powerful than cancer, than M.S, than heroin or alcohol addiction.They have no FaithinJESUSname, his power andHis finished work.Those in the church that isbelievers are just as guilty as the world.Many do notbelieve,that is trulyBELIEVEthatinand throughJESUS,all thingsare possible.

Mark 9:23

If you can"? saidJesus. Everything is possiblefor one who believes".

So what must we overcome To get to what God has done? Unbelief. The world must overcomeunbelief and so must we in thechurch. God hasDONEit We mustBELIEVE It!As we Believe it, we will trulyLive!We will live forwhat Christ died for us to have.

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