Your Life Can Change in 1 Day - Ingredients Inside!


Joseph’s life changes in one day: Genesis 38 -44:

So, Pharaoh asked his officials, “can we find anyone else like this man so obviously filled with the Spirit of God? Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, since God revealed the meaning of the dream to you, clearly no one is as intelligent or wise as you are. You will be in charge of my court and all my people will take orders from you. Only I sitting on my throne, will have a higher rank than yours. Pharaoh then said to Joseph “I hereby put you in charge of the entire land of Egypt. Then Pharaoh removed his signet ring from his hand and placed it on Joseph’s finger. He dressed Him in fine linen clothing and hung a gold chain around his neck. Then He has Joseph ride around the chariot He had reserved for His second in command. And wherever Joseph went, the command was shouted “kneel down!” So, Pharaoh put Joseph in charge over all Egypt. And Pharaoh said to him “I am Pharaoh, but no one will lift a hand or foot in the entire Egypt without your approval”

In the above passage we witness a MIRACLE!

Something wonderous happened in the life of Joseph and in happened in the matter of a few hours.

In ONE day he transported from the prison and taken up to meet Pharaoh – who was the King or what we would refer to now as the president of Egypt.

On this day Joseph left His position of prisoner to become one of the most important people in Egypt

This is a TRUE MIRACLE – think how terrible, dingy, dark, cold, isolated and harsh the prison environment was for Joseph. He had been there MANY days. It would have been so easy for Joseph to absorb His environment and lose hope and give up on His Faith.

But even in the DARK God was with him – that is the Spirit of God was with him – He was able to rise up and become a LIGHT in dark – becoming one of the best prisoners, a role model and an example to others.

Again though, it could not have been easy the many days in the prison – but ONE DAY that all changed. His miracle happened in one day, His miracle happened in a moment of time. He was able to solve Pharaoh dream and become prime minister of the entire country!

Is Joseph’s miracle in a day still possible for us – good news – A RESOUNDING YES! Why?

Because the God that took Joseph from the prison to the palace is STILL the same God! Our God!

He took Joseph from the darkness to light in a matter of moments – Can He do the same for you? Yes! Truly wonderous things still happen – as we continue to TRUST in God and put our FAITH in Him.

Something awe inspiring about Joseph’s turnaround was the TIMING. Some people think that it may take several years to climb the work place ladder or several months to experience any kind of radical change, this may be true, but when God steps in with a MIRCALE of Day – things change RIGHT AWAY! In one day you could go from sick to completely healed, in one day you could go from drug addicted and dependent to clean – never turning back. In one day, you could get an unusual and wonderful promotion similar Joseph. In one day, you could have a child you have waited been waiting for years!


GOD is still the same and your life can miraculous turn around in a day!

However, it’s important to note that if you want a similar miracle –  that Joseph’s miracle was INSTANTEOUS but not ACCIDENTIAL. You will need these ingredients to get a similar result.

The Ingredients for Joseph’s miraculous day:

  1.        GOD - God is the author of MIRACLES and the most important part of this radical change. Joseph NEVER forgot or LET GO of God in his hardship years. When we have many days of darkness, sickness or loss – it may be easy to become bitter – we may begin to blame God and withdraw from our one source of true comfort and hope. But we should not LET GO. Joseph was filled with God’s Spirit – he was still full of light in the midst of darkness. We can be too. By holding on to God, empowered by His Spirt we can ride life storms and not be completely consumed, changed or destroyed by them.
  2.        FAITH mixed with HOPE – Joseph was full of FAITH – he believed in his dream as a youth that his brothers would serve him. He believed that God would take care of him and keep him while he was in Egypt. Therefore, he did not become bitter or jaded and feared God, resisting the temptation of Potiphar’s wife – his DEEP BELIEF and TRUST in God and his care fueled and stirred up hope within him, that things could and would change. This is why he looked for opportunies – with the cupbearer and baker to escape his current situation. Faith KNOWS things will be ok – even in the dark – Hope expects the future to be BRIGHT.
  3.        USE of TALENTS/GIFT – Joseph was BLESSED! He could interpret dreams. Talents and Gifts are ours – they never completely die, even when we are in dark – going through a trying and troubling time of life. He used his talents to interpret the baker and cupbearer dream’s and in turn – though it took a while the cupbearer REMEMBERED Joseph and his great gift – it was this gift that took him from the dingy prison to the Pharaoh’s palace. God will use what He gave us to EVELATE and lift us up! He will use what we have in our hand to PROMOTE and pull us up – Now, regarding healing or true troubling finances – you may ask – “what do I have?”  Good Question. Even if someone is one their death bed – they still have the GIFT of life – this can be harnessed – others may have to step in with their faith and hope – but the gift of life can be USED – and the persons situation can turn around – they can be HEALED in a moment of time! REMEMBER MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN! With finances – a PENNY – something – 1 cent sown can make a way for a million. We must use what we are GIVEN to get what God wants us to have.

                                                                              Do you need a MIRACLE today? Do you need an INSTANT turn around? Good news!


Continue in Faith, Remain Expectant in Hope and Use what’s in your hand

Remember, it takes only ONE DAY for things to TRULY change – So NEVER give up.

                                                                                                                          Glory Be To God – The Miracle Worker


Steve Hurt @steveh ·

I like this. I like you mention it wasn't and accident but the use of his talent.
If I may add a fourth. The job he had over the man's household was a smaller version to the job he ended in with Pharaoh.
Lot of lessons in this story.