A new season


l love this time of the year where the seasons are changing, the nights are getting darker, the leaves are changing colour and are falling of the trees.

On night last week as I was goin to do my weekly shop I was driving along the road when all I seen in front of me was what I could only describe as a whirlwind of leaves blowing about in the air and I remember thinkng I’ve not seen anything like that before and how lovely it looked and then I drive through another whirlwind of leaves again I was thinkng strange.

Then God started speaking and showing me that there is a season for everything and that everyone goes through different seasons in their lives.

For me especially God was showing me that the season that I was in was soon coming to an end and that I jus had to hold on to him and hold on to the promises of God. God was telling me that I soon would be entering a new season jus the same as the seasons change.

God was showing all of this to me the night before I had to make a very hard but important phone call. God knew exactly how hard this call was goin to be for me because of the painful memories that it would bring up for me but like the leaves falling from the trees we also have to get rid of the old stuff that we are holding onto to make way for the new.

Only when we strip away the pain, hurt, shame, guilt etc can we begin to grow again in the new season that God has called us into.

So for anyone who is struggling and finding this season hard and wondering when this season will end, jus keep holding on and this season will soon come to an end.

Remember God never gives us more than we can bare. 

God has promise us that he will never leave us nor forsake but we have to hold on to his promises no matter how hard the season gets.

God is saying the season you are in is coming to an end and I am taking you into a new season that will be full blessing.


Ecclesiastes ch3:1

To everything there is a season, 

A time for every purpose under heaven.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I love this. Reading it caused me to look back on the various seasons of my life. Some have been all to short and some have been far too long. Some have been painful while others have been very sweet. Through all of them, I realize that God has been with me every step of the way even though at times I may not have realized it at the moment. Remember Ann-Marie, the story is NOT over yet...and the VERY best is yet to be!


I love this.

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