How are you

How are you? Them famous three words that we ask so often. “ I’m fine” is always my answer like so many people. Deep down you always know if a person is fine or not. So really “ are you fine “

Well today I jus want to scream at the world & say no I am far from fine. Today I jus want somebody to say everything is goin to be okay. Today I’ve been so sick I’m not sure if I’m actually Ill or if it’s down to anxiety and stress. I keep asking myself what is that running from my eyes but then I realise that the tears are sneaking down the side of my face. I’m so done with this constant feeling of feeling trapped. I’m so tired of not being strong. I’m so tired of saying no. I’m so tired today of everything. I honestly jus don’t know how much more I can take. 

My wee bestie called today and honestly I didn’t want her to leave me today...I feel safe when she’s around...she’s such a blessing to have in my life. 

So how am l today? Really not good today. 


I would imagine if you had asked your 'wee bestie ' she would say the same about you .
You know what would have made it a better day : If she had given you a proper hug and held on for just a second :grin:

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