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Was Jesus ever more serious? How can people possibly think its ok to keep o
Was Jesus ever more serious? How can people possibly think its ok to keep on sinning after they have accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour ?

What I don't completely understand is this, we all sin through the sinful nature, but when do you know that its time to "cut it off and throw it away" to keep yourself from going to hell? Can anybody please shed some light on this subject please ?

[bible]Matthew 5:29-30[/bible]
[bible]Matthew 18:6-9[/bible]

I would think that maybe you only need take such drastic measures when you cannot stop yourself from sinning. Something like Pornography, whenever you see it you cannot help but lust...

TV is full of it. Advertisements, and late night shows, movies. So is this the time to "gouge out your eye"? Could Jesus possibly just mean that then its time to destroy the TV ? So what should you do if someone forces you to watch it ? What do you do then ? Maybe then you should gouge out your own eye.

So is Jesus really just saying that he doesn't care what you do, but just dont sin. Even if means you have to go blind ? So the sin in these passages are referring to sin for which you lack self-control or which you are not possible to avoid ?

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Published: Sep 17 2006 08:32:01pm

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Cory Tucholski (@venomx)

Here's what I think. Jesus was given to extreme uses of language. Students of literary devices call this "hyperbole." It's an exagerration used to make a point. For example: [bible]luke 14:26[/bible] I think that we can all agree that Jesus isn't suggesting that we hate our own families. Instead, He's making the point that you have to love Him more and (more importantly) be willing to cut off ties to your own family in order to follow Him completely. In some cases around the world, that is the case. In fact, it would be interesting to take a poll here to find out how many people had to make big sacrifices in order to follow Christ. I'm not saying that we should continue to sin, or that we should continue to throw ourselves into situations where the temptation exists or will be too strong. But I am suggesting that we have the grace of God if we do fall into sin, and that He will always be willing to take us back provided we are sincere and did not reject His gift of salvation in the process. It isn't easy to walk as a Christian. Take comfort in the following verse: [bible]Romans 8:38-39[/bible] That really is good news. Nothing can seperate us from God's love if we believe in Christ! Remember this also: [bible]Philippians 1:6[/bible] I'm sure that anyone here would be willing to help you in your walk; including me. It seems we share the same temptation.

Alton Turner (@altonturner)

Hey Mate, Thanks for the reassurance. Those are some very powerful verses indeed. But if I read these passages right, could it not mean that there is a point where God says enough is enough ? [bible]Luke 13:6-9[/bible] [bible]Matthew 3:10[/bible] Comment Please God Bless Alton

EliS Sourivong (@mypollux)

That is true... it isn't right to sin even after baptism or anything else. Sinning in any light is wrong. We don't need to destroy our televisions or books... we need to close our eyes to them. You can not lust... if you do not look. You can not cheat if you do not have the chance (don't enter a place you can) I don't think you should literally cut off your hand... or gauge out your eye... it is symbolic... :-) Be safe and sin free EliS

Vincent Chough (@clayonmyeyes)

Alton, I wonder if those verses apply more to people that have not accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord. This would be my interpretation but your application is, well, applicable. I agree with you on the mass media end. It is very difficult to resist such a creature given the millions (billions?) of dollars that go into its existence. The focus is the worship of the 'almighty' dollar and worship of self (see my blog Battling the movie industry). At the same time I think one of the gifts of grace is the ability to discern more clearly between right and wrong. We need not destroy all around us the things that might produce evil. Like mypollux said, "we need to close our eyes to them." Not only that, we'd pretty much need to destroy each other as well as we all sin and sin is evil. Grace to you, clayonmyeyes

Rob Henson (@greybear)

manforgod, Please expand on the definition of Calvinist, as you understand it, and as it applies to this Alton's post. Thanks! GreyBear

Karen Butcher (@karenjane)

Hello, Alton G'day Mate. Not Australian but we love the country. In response to your second post, and verses Luke 13:6-9 and Matthew 3:10 I believe that Christ was talking about His time to return. My Bible cross references to 2 Peter 3:9, which speaks of the Day of the Lords return. [bible]2 Peter 3:9[/bible] And verse 15 [bible]2 Peter 3:15[/bible] Also just before these verses in Luke 12, Jesus also speaks about being ready for His return. Without sounding too much like a calvinist, which I am not. God has elected certain people to become Christians, as evidenced in Romans 9, Matthew 11:27 and John 17 among other verses. Therefore there is a specific time that Christ will return, when all this is accomplished. I think the vine represents the "church" as it is the venue which Christ uses to reach the elect. The fruit is the Christians that are produced from the Church. When this job has been completed, Christ will return. Removing Christians and Himself from the world, and in so doing "chop down" the church, since Christ is the Head of the church and Christians are the body. When the land owner [God] sees the church is not producing fruit, he says cut it down. The gardener [Christ] says wait a little longer, give us one more chance. Thank you for another chance to delve further into Gods word! KarenJane

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