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Where do Christian adults go for night time social entertainment. Bars and
Where do Christian adults go for night time social entertainment. Bars and nightclubs are taboo and most wouldn't dream of setting foot inside one.

Some movies are "OK" but who wants to go the movies all the time. Church events are cool but, come on. I can only do so many carnivals and bible studies before I'm bored out of my mind.

What if there was a nightclub that catered directly to Christian adults. Live music, upscale lounge style seating, ambient light, full Non alcoholic bar, and an array of casual appetizers? Would you go to such a place?

What if they booked your favorite Christian bands for concerts, would you go?

How much would you pay as a cover?
How much would you spend on a drink or an appetizer?

What other things might you expect from such an establishment? The whole concept interest me and I was wondering if anyone else had ever given such a place any thought.

I'd go to such a place. But I'm more curious about what you think...

Let me know

Your brother in Christ

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Published: Mar 27 2007 03:30:27pm

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Dan Johnson (@cowboydan)

Its' a good thought, and I would support it. Christian coffee houses are kind of like that, though. You can get something to drink or snack on, listen to a band play, and talk with other people. Around Washington D.C. I don't think that they stay around for very long though. They mostly appear as a ministry of a supporting church, then something happens and they go away.

Rob Henson (@greybear)

Hey andwele, I typically way out on the conservative end most times, but since you asked I'll throw a couple of things out there for ya. Married with kids, no I'm not interested in a higher volume and the bustle of people. At this point I would want a nice quiet place, maybe you could consider one night for us older folks and have a softer band or vocalist in on that night. I think if I were without kids or at minimal newly married, yep, I think your initial idea would attract me. Cover charge as a single or newly married. $5ea if you want everyone there or $10 each if you want a few less folks, but maybe a more "in control" crowd. Drinks: $2 to 3ea, Food:$15-25ea person, but would need to look good(presentation) and taste great whatever it is. Now my single most issue: Dress Code-if you don't keep control of what is worn then what you could be creating is a den of temptation, just like a non-Christian nightclub. I may encourage or entice men into thinking they are already struggling with and lead women into a dressing way they shouldn't to get the most attention. Enough said. Another issue that may or may not come up is a code of conduct: is it permitable to "dirty dance", is swearing ok, will you need bouncers(we are all men and there will be women), how will you handle the obvious non-Christian looking for a date? Finally, will the establishment simply be a club for Christians or for Christ. How will you share the gospel with the crowd? A short message each night, will the band share the gospel between songs? Is the owner willing to give his testimony and witness on a regular basis to show why the club exists? How will the club further the kingdom of Christ? Hope that adds a bit of thought to the ideas for you. Thanks for asking! Blessings, GreyBear

Charity Gallardo (@charitygallardo)

Andwele, you make a very good point about places to are on to an Idea! take out a loan and start er up! :)

Bev Edlin (@beverley)

Hi this is probably a bit radical, but what's wrong with going to a non-Christian nightclub? I know the culture is generally frowned upon, for a number of very good reasons, ie drunkeness, promisuity, etc, but if you are walking a strong walk with God then you should be ok? I feel that, as Christians we need to be out there in the world. This is where the need is in society, this is where real people go. To quote a fantastic club song by Faithless, called 'God is a DJ', who are a secular club band, but do profess some belief in God: 'This is my Church This is where I heal my hurts' I think that there is a mission field in these places and that, for the right people (ie those called by God - to do it without God could lead to disaster!), there are massive opportunities for evangelism. Opening a Christian club sounds good, but I don't think it's necessarily the right thing to do, ie separate yourself from non-Christian clubbers. I think Jesus would be in there with them! Also, don't allow anyone to tell you that it is unnacceptable as a Christian to drink alcohol. Nothing wrong with drinking alcohol, first miracle performed by Jesus was turning water into wine: John Chapter 2 vs1-11. Just important not to abuse it.

Rebeca Luna (@setfree)

Yes Jesus did turn water into wine and he also drank and went to parties and He said in moderation drinking is fine but when he went to parties it was to share about God, not to party and join in on the sin but to bring salvation to others and no one goes to nightclubs to preach or share the gospel, and you should not be in a secular nightclub as it can draw you into what really goes down around there and we are called to be set apart from the world, yes we are to love on the world but love them to win them to Christ not to be everywhere they are at and be brought down - remember Lot was surrounded by sinners and had to leave Sodom and G. but scripture also says that we are not to be caught in places that imitate the world and sinners (e.g. going to nightclubs and bars and liquor stores) and I know because when I was in the world (and scripture says he that loves the world and the things of the world the love of God is not in them) went to nightclubs and anyone who does knows very well people go there to get drunk (which is a sin) and pick up on others for relationships of and just for fornication so that is not "real" but worldly (which God also says those that love sin more than him are committing idolatry because they are choosing to worship and love the sin above him) and lustful in God's eyes (and he says it in his word not me). Getting on to my point about the Christian nightclub it is a great idea because if Christians don't have an outlet they will go to the world where they will get lured back into it and away from God so they do need a "pure"
outlet for nightlife fun.

About your comment about the band - just because someone "believes" that he exists or believes in him doesn't get them into heaven because God says in scripture that that does nothing because even the devils believe and tremble and they just don't believe but they know there is a God. So just believing he exists will not get you into Heaven especially if you're not living for him.

You need to get to know the truth of how God says we should live by reading his instruction book - for the sake of your walk and salvation. God bless.

BTW, you can look up all the scriptures I've referenced in a search sit called blueletterbibledotorg (type in the dot this site wont let me)

Robin Clifton (@brokenreed)

I would not go to a Christian night club now unless I felt a strong pull from the Lord to do so, and then, not for my own entertainment, but for the sake of another. I might have gone when I was younger - in fact, I did on several occassions. But I didn't feel good about it and didn't want it to become my practice. And honestly - reading verses like "Love not the world" caused my conscience to be convicted. I didn't like how dark it was in there. Let me also add, if I found a Bible study were boring - I wouldn't go there either. Maybe it is the Bible studies you have been attending? Look for someplace where you get more Life and Light. Someplace where Christians are pursuing. The more Light you get, the more exciting the Bible becomes. The more "real" God becomes to you. The more Life you get, the more you are empowered from within to live and walk a Life in Light. The more personal God becomes in your life and in your living. We need one another when it comes to this. "But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin." 1 John 1:7 -- You need an "another" to have fellowship "one with another." Eventually, through this kind of fellowship (with God and fellow-believers) - I altogether lost my taste for any kind of club-like entertainment. This wasn't forced, it just happened. This is why I can say that I would not go to a Christian night club. I just don't have any taste for it anymore. But I do have a growing appetitie for Jesus!

Erica Jeanise (@ericajj)

I think the idea is pure genius! As far as hanging out in the "regular" nightclubs, if Jesus was there He certainly wouldn't be sippin' on Cognac and breakin' it down on the dance floor. Let's be real...He turned over the tables at the temple, I can only imagine what he would do at a nightclub/bar. There is a group from my church that goes out and does a ministry at places like that(in the real world--Mardi Gras Parties, Spring Break, nightclub strip of bars), but they are there to preach and not be tempted into the same sin everyone around them is facing or worse giving in to. Paul said he became all things to all people...I don't think he meant he became a partying drunkard because his buddies wanted to go out and have a good time to some Godless dance music. I think he meant he came along side the hurting and lost world without critical judgement and just loved them as Christ loves them. I am sorry but I don't believe going to a "regular, secular, worldly" nightclub/bar is a good idea for the serious Christian, no matter how strong your walk is with God. How would it look for you to be hanging out with "the world" to a weaker brother or to the lost? You know I also, think not everything has to be some big spiritual awakening or movement. God doesn't call me to go in to Starbucks and get a skinny mocha but I do. I don't feel the Holy Spirit pull me into McDonalds' for a burger but I eat it. Why? because I am hungry and He made my body, so I don't figure I need to seek out in hours of prayer whether or not I should eat! I think the idea of a nightclub or social public place is a great idea for people looking to get together and share Christ with one another, the world, hear good message music and enjoy some entertainment. I don't think God would frown upon that. There were some good points given by greybear: dress code, message outreach, etc. You could give out tracs with the plan of salvation on it. Also, featured Bible Studies every month with opportunity for an invitation or response.

Brooks Lyall (@rockinwjc)

Hi, In Des Moines, where I am from we had a place like this. It was called Frank's House of Rock. It had many new and older Christian bands come and perform. It was in an old movie theater, the lobb was used for merchandise and selling snacks and drinks, while the theater was where the concert was held. I am a strong advocate for clubs like that, because that is where I accepted God as my personal Savior. I had been going to church a while before, and I looked like a Christian, but did not actually believe until that night. It was May 6, 2001. The bands were Relient K, Supertones and Switchfoot. I think it cost like 15 bucks to get in (this was before Relient K made it big) I will never forget that night. I thank God that there was this club. I know that they had bible studies and church on Sundays, and I am pretty sure that they did lots of things in the community. Everytime I went to a show the Gospel was presented. Unfortunately, Frank's closed down about a year later. I am not really sure what happened, but all I know is we do not have a place like that anywhere close to Des Moines. which is really too bad. Franks was a place that anyone, no matter what you looked like could come together and worship the same God and not feel ashamed about it. If there was a place here, I would definitly go to some shows! Then in response to night clubs. Coming from someone who went to Latino night clubs for about 3 years and never finding anything wrong with it, I need to warn the Christian that is attending these night clubs to look at your life. I did not realize what I was doing was wrong for a long time. I started going to clubs and after hour clubs, because my friends invited me... no harm in a little dancing right? While I did not drink, I know a lot of underage drinking went on. and I did not realize it at the time, but going to the clubs drew me away from God. As I got older, a lot of my friends that said the are christian even went with me. To be honest, I did have a lot of fun. And for the most part I set myself apart from the crowd and didn't "booty dance" or if I did it was with my girl friends. But the way that men looked at me in those clubs did not feel good. Also with time, I started drinking even though I was underage (20) - I never had more then one or two drinks the entire 5 hours I was there, but still, I know that this did not honor Christ. The clothing and modesty is another big issue. For someone who has issues about their looks, they might try to go along with the crowd and dress like the other people. I know I did. But, I look back, and am appaled at some of the things that I wore so that I could get attention, all the while wearing a cross and saying I was a Christian. While I had many offers for me to go home with men, that I rejected, I can only imagine how my testimony looked with them. Here was this Christain who says that she will go to church in the morning, but yet she is out partying? That doesn't make a lot of sense now does it? Don't get me wrong! I LOVE dancing! and right now I am in the process of figureing out if it is ok to dance or not, because it is something of this world. It wasn't until my ex showed me what I was doing was not glorfying God. and that I was living in the world did I open my eyes. After realizing how wrong it was, I went back to a club becuase some of my friends invited me, and I had to leave early. Atleast for now, I personally can not step foot inside of a club without remembering the things that I did in my past. Even if I was covered with over sized clothes from head to toe, I would not feel comfortable. We are called to focus on the next world. and not to partake in this world. well, I was living in this world, as a Christian with a mixed testimony. I would go out the night before until 2 or later in the morning then go to church at 9 in the morning. True people could go and witness there, but I would be EXTREMELY carefull before going to a club. Like the person said before, how does it look to a weaker Christian, or a non-Chrisitan? I hope that this helps someone

Rebeca Luna (@setfree)

Dancing is okay - as long as it's not dirty - remember heaven has parties (including dancing) when a lost sinner repents. God bless.

Francisco J Zubia (@tohimbeglory)

Hi. I must state my concern for you. You are bored with church and bible studies, movies do no do it...You have a good idea, but we are playing with the idea of a bar. There nothing wrong with a non-alcoholic bar. But what if you get bored of that too. When we get to point where the things of the Lord don't fill us, we must fast and seek the Lord. If anything else, invite your freinds to you home and fellowship there, go to the local Barnes and Nobel and have a coffee and book there. Or go to to StarBucks and gather with you friends there, and if its summer or fall, go to the park and lake and fill yourself with God's glorious creation. I just thought I'd give my take on the subject. May you have a good day. Amen. thbg

Rebeca Luna (@setfree)

I agree with tohimbetheglory about being concerned of church and bible study being boring to you, the church and bible study are for you to grow in your walk to strengthen you and if you're bored - you're not being fed there and need to find another church because church isn't someplace we go just to and sit sermons - , but it's for you to teach you how to be the church teaching you how o grow and have a powerful walk like Jesus and do the things he did e.g. lay hands on the sick and see them recover, these things and greater you will do he said - see Hebrews 6:1-20. and I'll share the power of a Good church - I go to church on Sunday's and am always so excited to go I barely get 4 hours of sleep and aside from the Sunday service - that I go to get refreshed and get a rhema which has happened 99% of the time, I also 2-3 other times for bible study, church again and corporate prayer and I love going to each because it has become my favorite place to be. I hope this helps. God bless you. BTW, you can find anything i've referenced on the blueletterbibledotcom website, and u need to fill in the dot - this website wont let me attach a link right now

Christopher Quek (@arisensleeper)

Interesting, you just described my church every Friday night but I think we have you beat. In addition to great food, and lots of delicious non-alcoholic beverages, we also play games and we play our own music. Well, we sorta have to because a church in a rural area cannot afford to invite bands all the time, but hey, at least everyone gets to join in. The best part, its all free... well not really, some people actually feel that they have to bring something ... a dish, a desert, a pop ... never understood why, we did tell them it is free. Oh yes, it is also family friendly, people of all ages come by and they even invite their friends. OK OK OK we do not have upscale lounge style seating and ambient light. Yes, our folding chairs can be a little hard on the rear and our gym style lighting can be a bit harsh but people do not seem to mind. Besides we do not have a cover charge, what do you expect? I am sorry if I am being a little sarcastic, but my point is that it is really sad that Christians have to mimic the ways of the world in order to feel entertained. It is sad that Christians find Bible Studies boring. (I have no idea what a "carnival" is ... but hey, my church is in the country, and in Canada to boot, so what do we know.) It is even sadder that Churches are seen to be boring places only for Bible Studies, Youth Group, Sunday Services, Prayer Meetings, and the occasional pot-luck dinner. A few months ago, one of my deacons came excitedly into my office with the month's electrical bill in hand, a great big grin on his face. "Pastor," he said, "Our bill is higher this month than last month, by nearly 80%! This means that we are using the church every night now!" He was right to be excited, that is what a church should be ... a place where the lights never go out, the doors never locked, and people are always welcomed. OK we do not have our "Family Fun Night" every night (Family as in the family of God) and it is not always about having fun but I can assure you, it is always joyful. The fact is that the harvest is plentiful and the workers few, if Christians have time enough to be bored and need to feel entertained, don't we have a bigger problem here? Humbly, Arisen

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