Hidden - The Masks We Wear


Hidden neath practiced smile
A river of sorrow flows
Betrayed by hints of tears
That linger in eyes that shimmer
In reflections of promises made and broken
Echoes of words spoken
Spilled out never to return

Locked behind laughter forced
Iron veiled to ward a broken heart
Curtained gaiety to hide
Shattered dreams that lie in broken shards
In darkened soul and shredded hope
Unforgiving and unforgiven scars
Leaving gashes in the landscape of the mind
All Hidden
Hidden neath masks that veil

Then in flows love
Healing balm that washes
With nail pierced hands that sooth
Forgiveness freely given though undeserved
Hope rekindled dreams restored
And light floods in
Amazing grace unending love
From heaven poured
Amidst three words
From Calvary's tree proclaimed
It is finished!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

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