The Terrible Day Of Silence

As I ponder the message of Good Friday, I am reminded that the Cross is incomplete without the Empty Tomb. Tomorrow is the day after the crucifixion, I call it "The Terrible Day Of Silence". While His disciples and followers hid and cowered, and while the people of Jerusalem busied themselves with the Passover feast, a terrible battle rages and it will end with Christ's victory over the grave. Let us take this day to prepare our hearts and minds. Remember that as Christ hung upon the cross, the skies darkened and when He died the earth shoke, the graves opened, the dead were raised, and the curtain in the Temple was rent in half. Isn't it amazing that a Roman soldier would see and declare "Surely, this is the Son of God!" when the Chosen of Israel remained intransigent. The hardened heart and the distracted spirit are both equally blind!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said for, and I speak for myself, the Saturday has always been a 'nothing' day between to two majestic days. Thanks for pulling me in to rethink and contemplate those earth shattering Sat. events.


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