The Transforming Power of The Risen Christ

Christ is risen!! He is risen Indeed!! I am reminded today of the power of the Resurrection. Much has been said already of the significance of the Resurrection with regards to our salvation but little has been said about the life transforming power that it brings. Remember Peter and the other disciples? Remember how Peter denied Him three times on that terrible night? Remember the rest of the disciples who fled and hid? Now consider Peter after he meets the resurrected Christ. Remember how boldly he spoke on the Pentecost? How he and John faced down the priests and Pharisees? Peter would go on to lead the Church and steer it through her early years. He would challenge Jewish tradition and introduce the Gospel to the Gentiles and he himself would face martyrdom for the sake of Christ. Remember the disciples? How bold they were in the face of persecution? Remember Saul of Tarsus? Saul met the risen Christ on the Damascus Road and it transformed his life changing him from persecutor to defender and champion of the faith. As we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ today, let us pray that we would all encounter the living Christ and be transformed. Let us pray that those who have not yet encountered Him will meet Him as well. The Resurrection is power to a new life, born again in Spirit and in Truth. Let us rejoice for such a power is like a priceless treasure that must be experienced and shared.

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