We live in an age of technology. We want access to information with the touch of a few keys. The systems that bring us this instant access, however, require access to us. Although some access is necessary for applications to work, many seek to gather unnecessary information.

Most of us regard this need for permission as the price that we must pay to get the service we want. Many times if we read it at all, it is quick perusals at best before we click accept. The wisdom of this is debatable. There is, however, another arena where access is required that is far more critical. That arena is the spiritual realm.

As in the natural realm, the spiritual realm has laws. Spiritual entities do not have free access to us. They require our permission. God does not force anything on us. We need to receive what He offers. Satan and his demons cannot do whatever they will to us. We need to accept what they offer. The problem is that this is not a clearly written permission for access notice.

The minions that work in the dark also operate in the dark. They cloak their malicious intent. They often candy coat the apple to make it even more appealing.

Consider just a few of their tactics:

Often what seems like harmless activity is really hitting accept, giving open access to your life. Ouija boards, astrology, fortune telling, hypnosis and numerous other practices seeking power and/or knowledge of the future outside of God, open a door to the occult. If you google occult activities, the list is extensive.

Drugs, even those considered recreational, open one up to demonic oppression.

You may question why these things are dangerous. The reason is that our mind is the gatekeeper to our inner being. Many occult activities require the shutting down of the mind. Various techniques of meditation, mind blanking and the like are required to access supposed hidden knowledge and open up the unconscious mind. If you shut down the gatekeeper, the door is open for evil spirits to enter. Occult involvement is in violation of God's law. There are numerous references throughout the Old Testament forbidding such practices.

The Bible instructs us repeatedly to seek understanding, think, and reason. In other words, keep your mind active and alert; keep the gatekeeper at the door.

"Sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words can never hurt me" goes an old adage. It is old as well as untrue. Words can oppress us and oppress others. We can unknowingly curse others and ourselves if we are not watchful of our thoughts and thus the resulting words.

We give demons access through such word curses. Consider how often you speak over yourself negative things. How you speak over yourself or others using words like "you always_, or you never_, you are a failure again and again" and other such things.

Unchecked emotions can be a doorway. Long-term tolerance of bitterness, hatred, deep-seated anger and the like draws spirits of that nature to us. It is like inviting them to come over for a cup of coffee. They will enhance and deepen the emotional problem as they gain access.

Our spirit is the part of our being that accesses and receives from God. Our soul, our mind, emotion, and will, is the point of entry to the workers of darkness.

Consider how they whisper sweet nothings in our ears. How they stroke our pride, seeking out any hidden desire for power or control. You agree and you have pushed the accept key. They gain just a little more access to your life.

Demons also seek inroads in the other direction. They appeal to our sense of fairness. They seek to puff up our sense of entitlement. When something comes along that seems a slight, or undeserved action by another, we are prepared to be offended. Offense is one of the tactics that allows Satan to steal the Word of God from us.

They accuse God to us when life's difficulties arise. Their hope is that we will be offended with God, and thus they can steal our faith, as well as cause us to refuse to accept all that He offers.

Unforgiveness is an access point as well. Refusal to forgive opens the door to bitterness, resentment and a host of other demons. Consider the parable of the unforgiving servant. [ii]

Everything the Bible that instructs us how to live and think, is for our protection. Sin in every form opens access to the enemy, albeit in varying measure.

We need not be afraid. If Satan and his minions could do whatever they liked, we would all be extinct. As we walk in the light, as God is in the light, the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.[iii] God is loving and merciful, gracious to us even in our ignorance or foolishness. However, we do need to remember that we are sheep in the midst of wolves. We must therefore be as wise as serpents, as we are innocent as doves.[iv]

Perhaps it is time to make sure we have clicked accept to all God has to offer. It is also time to close any doors that may be open to the enemy. Repent and stamp access denied over those doorways.

Consider reading Don't take the bait

Mark 4:17 Amplified Version

[ii] Matt 18:21

[iii] 1 John 7-9

[iv] Matt 10:16

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