The Basis of Authority

What is the basis of spiritual authority? On what foundation is it built? Does it come by knowledge? Does it come from learning the right prayer style? Or is there a much deeper work that must be done. After all, if it is spiritual authority, must not growth in that authority come in and by the Spirit?

It is only by a comprehensive understanding and spiritual apprehension, assimilated into our innermost being that we are brought into spiritual reality.

Scriptural knowledge alone is insufficient to give a believer authority. If it were, would we not see more victory in lives, more power in prayer?

All authority is in Jesus Christ alone! In and of ourselves we have nothing. No matter how holy, self-sacrificing, loving, giving and forgiving. No matter if a religious institution elevates one to their form of sainthood. Authority is nowhere else to be found.

We must be immersed in the reality of the total and complete victory of Christ and our union in and with that victory.

We must recognize, not at a mental level, but as a revelation that shines a light in our hearts, that we are utterly destitute and hopeless.

Only perfect holiness and righteousness can stand in authority in the spiritual realm. The only one with perfect holiness is Christ. It is His life in us that constitutes the necessary holiness for spiritual authority.

We need to meditate on what we have in Christ. We need to see ourselves seated with Him and in Him. We need to position ourselves in and pray from that heavenly position. We need to learn to walk in a spirit of dominion.

We need to be fully aware that we have authority only as the Spirit directs us. Any flesh attempting to puff itself up and roar against the forces of Satan may end up as casualties of war.

We need to position ourselves in that ascended place, seated with Christ, and wait on the Spirit to show us what to pray, how to pray and/or what to resist in warfare prayer.

Lastly, we need to proclaim our stand. Proclamation helps us bring our soul into right alignment with God's Word. When the world and its troubles seem to be raining down on you in torrents, before you pray, declare. When you are able to raise your head high enough to begin a confession of truth, your spirit will ascend. It is then that you can begin to pray with authority.

Countless times over the years I have felt too grounded to pray with any authority. Thankfully I have had praying friends. They were there to pray and war for me. That prayer helped me see my way through a downcast soul. It is then that I could begin to declare truth in the face of all contradiction. With the declaration my spirit was able to rise up and I could, verbally in prayer, resist the enemy and all that was contrary to God's Word.

God gave Adam dominion in the Garden. What was lost to Satan has been returned to us through the second Adam. Jesus gave that authority to us, His church. Now it is up to us to rise up in spiritual authority and exercise dominion over all that God has put under our care.

Those who feel there is no war and all is well are living in and for the world. The enemy has no need to oppose them as they are already captives.

Remember, we are in a war whether we like it or not. We have only two choices. We can stand up and fight or lie down and die! Selah

 Barbara Kankowske
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Those who feel there is no war and all is well are living in and for the world. The enemy has no need to oppose them as they are already captives.