The Rise of Satan


A man with an experience is not at the mercy of

the man with an argument.


Like a cosmic boom the fireworks began!  Seemingly, out of nowhere, thoughts pommeled my mind. The rise of Satan.

Jesus Christ never walked the earth.

You have been mesmerized. It was group hypnosis, a hoax.

Test it. Relinquish this supposed prayer language. If this new language is of God, He will give it back to you.

Baptized a warrior became my disclaimer. I was a marked woman from the beginning in 1975. I did not choose this disposition; it was chosen for me. My journey’s theme would remain constant, in this regard, through the many years ahead.

In the book War on the Saints this is expressed:

“The Bible throws much light upon the Satanic powers, which cannot fail to be discerned by all who search the Scriptures with open minds, but these will not obtain as much knowledge of the subject from the sacred record, as will those who have understanding by experience, interpreted by the Holy Spirit, and shown to be in line with the truth of the Word of God. The believer may have a direct witness in his spirit to the truth of the Divine Word, but through experience he gets a personal witness to the inspiration of Scripture, to its testimony concerning the existence of supernatural beings, and their works, and the way they deceive, and mislead the children of men.”#_edn1">

God is spirit, and we worship Him in spirit and truth. We are born of the Spirit of God unto life eternal, a life not of this earth. His kingdom is a spiritual kingdom. The battle that rages over this earth is a spiritual battle. Unfortunately, most of the gospel presently taught is focused man-ward. It is a part of the truth, but incomplete. Add to this the power of the spirit of this world to enthrall and distract us, and we see a recipe of the enemy’s plans to defeat God's purposes. On this stage, the drama unfolds.

It is war! Whether young or old, experienced or just learning, realize the enemy's intent to blind your eyes to the reality of the battle. He seeks to pull the world over your eyes and blind you to the truth.

From beginning to end the bible reveals the presence of supernatural powers of evil.  It began in Genesis with the serpent deceiving Adam and this word -"I will put enmity between thee and the woman," said God, as well as between "thy seed and her seed."  

We see David deceived by Satan into numbering Israel, failing to recognize the suggestion to his mind as from a Satanic source.#_edn2">[ii] 

In the history of Israel during the time of Moses, we see the condition of the world as sunk in idolatry--which is said in the New Testament to be the direct work of Satan, and actual dealings with evil spirits. #_edn3">[iii] We also see many of God's own people, through contact with others under Satanic power, deceived into communicating with familiar spirits, as well as the use of divination and other kindred arts.  All of which were infused by the powers of darkness.  This despite the fact that they knew the laws of God, and had seen His manifested judgments among them.#_edn4">[iv]

In the book of Daniel, we see the existence of the princes of Satan, actively opposing the messenger of God sent to Daniel. There are other references scattered throughout the Old Testament of the workings of Satan and his minions.  Their malevolent work is unseen until the great hour arrives when the seed of the woman, who was to bruise the head of the serpent, is manifested on earth in human form.#_edn5">[v]   Later the arch-deceiver himself appears to challenge Jesus in the wilderness conflict.

Satan deceives Peter into speaking words of temptation to the Lord, suggesting His turning from the path of the Cross.#_edn6">[vi]  The deceiver’s work is seen in the epistles of Paul in his references to the false apostles, deceitful workers, and Satan's workings as an angel of light, with his ministers as ministers of righteousness among the people of God.#_edn7">[vii]

In the messages to the Churches in Revelation false apostles, and false teachings are exposed. A synagogue of Satan, consisting of deceived ones is mentioned, and deep things of Satan are described as existing in the Church.#_edn8">[viii]

The Lord chose the last of the Apostles, at the very end of his life, to reveal the ferocious battle that would culminate the end of the age.

T. Austin Sparks expresses the work of the enemy over God’s people:

 “Now, the enemy, with whom we have to contend, has a very elaborate and comprehensive and detailed tactical plan for getting his advantage. And one of the major tactics of the enemy is to eliminate from Christians the very element of warfare itself. That is, to make Christians non-warring people; really to take the element of warfare out of them, or in some way to bring them to a state where that is completely eliminated. There are far more spiritual casualties by not fighting than there are by fighting. There are many who get bruised and wounded, and knocked down temporarily in the fight, and they may be casualties for the time being, but they get up and fight again. But the very land is strewn with casualties who are casualties because they didn't fight; and I say there are many more such.” #_edn9">[ix]

Years ago I heard a message that contained this statement.  I have never forgotten it.  “We are in a war.  You either stand up and fight or lay down and die!”  Think about that when you are tempted to put your head under the pillow until the trouble passes.

We have to fight.  We have to fight to maintain our position in Christ in the heavenlies.  We have to resist in the battlefield of our mind.  Resist the thoughts of fear, hopelessness, depression and fear.  We are instructed to take the whole armor of God, that we may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.#_edn10">[x] Do you not see the evil day all around us?  God instructs us to put on spiritual armor.  Armor is for offense as well as defense. 

So, am I one who believes there is a demon behind every bush?  I like to answer no, I believe there are at least 10!  Seriously though, behind every work of sin, there is demonic power pushing.  Demons use the souls of mankind to further their agenda.  They incite to every evil work. Those seeking to follow the Lord are not exempt.   I have used the example of a locomotive.  Where there is weakness, failing, frailty, sin and the like, demonic power can come up behind that with a powerful push to bring destruction and death. They push fear, doubt and all things of the natural man.  They deceive with cunning.  If you think you are safe from being deceived, you are deceived already! We are all susceptible.  

That the very land is strewn with casualties who are casualties because they didn't fight is definitely true.  There are also many that become casualties because believers do not fight on their behalf in the hour of need. 

When trouble and trial come to you and those God put around you what will you do?  Will you merely shake your head, worry, or discuss it with others while you hope it will resolve? Or will you be one who stands strong in the Lord and the strength of His might.  Rising to the fight and bind the spirits coming to kill steal and destroy.

I have often stated that I want demons to say – Jesus I know, Paul I know, and you are trouble! Will you too become trouble for the enemy?

I pray you will!

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 Barbara Kankowske
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John Knox (@watchmanjohn)

Well said and timely that fits in with my blogs on contending for healing. You are correct many believers do not see the demonic behind any hindrance to their walk. Open our eyes Lord that we may discern the holy from the profane and the light from darkness.


Beth M (@blest)

Not only do many believers not recognize the enemy's power and influence and work ~ they frequently attribute it to God.
Excellent blog.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@bethy)

'If you think you are safe from being deceived, you are deceived already! We are all susceptible'.

you could not have spoken a truer word. Love this.

K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

Excellent! We are in a battle! Does the enemy consider us to be dangerous? If as a Christian you do not see evidence of a battle being fought, there is a problem. The enemy has you right where he wants you, sitting in a little corner somewhere wearing blinders, earplugs, gagged and bound hand and foot. Of course, he has convinced you are not there. You're not in a battle because you are Super Christian. Huh?

I love how you also address the importance of being on the offensive as opposed to merely being defensive. Jesus commands us to go, not stay and huddle and yet too often we do the latter. Shame on us!